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Mailroom, Shipping & Receiving

Owner: Budget and Planning

URL:, Shipping & Receiving

Mailroom Policy

 * Using the US Post Office

      Please have letter & packages sent to TC as follows:

      Name, Box #
      (Department is optional)
      Teachers College
      525 West 120th Street
      New York, NY 10027-6696

      TC Mail is delivered by the Manhattanville Post Office. Local U.S. Post Office locations are:

      365 W. 125th Street

      Columbia University Station
      534 W. 112th Street

* Using UPS and Other Truck Deliveries

      Please have letter & packages sent to TC as follows:

      Name, Building & room #, telephone number
      (Department is optional)
      Teachers College
      Shipping and Receiving Department, Russell Hall Basement
      502 West 121st Street
      New York, NY 10027

* Using FedEx, Messenger and Other Direct Delivery Services

      Please have letters and packages sent to TC as follows:

      Name, Building & room #, telephone number
      (Department is optional)
      Teachers College
      525 West 120th StreetNew York, NY 10027-6696

* Mailroom Information

      The Mail Room processes certified, return receipt, express mail, first class and international mailings.

      Mail pick up is by key access to your mail box. Keys, for mail boxes, can be obtained from the Facilities Department office at 28 Main Hall.

      Mailing Procedures:

      All out going mail (i.e.: international, TC/CU local, FedEx and US mail) should be separated with a rubber band.

      Mailings, other than TC/CU local, require a completed Postage Requisition form that includes index number, department name, and authorized signature.

      There are no personal mailing transactions done by the mail room. All transactions are done on a department level only. A US Postage stamp machine is available in the Computer Lounge and a mail box in the

Main Hall entrance (Depositing mail, weighing 16 ounces or more, in postal boxes is a violation of US Postal regulations).

* Bulk Mail Instructions

      In order to arrange for a bulk mailing at Teachers College you need:
          o To know the number of pieces that you will be mailing. (a minimum of 200 pieces)
          o A copy of the piece that you are mailing.
          o Have the mail sorted by zip code.
          o Mail must be placed in trays (for envelopes) or sacks (for larger pieces, called flats).

      If you have a small bulk mailing, you may perform the following steps:
         1. Obtain a mailing permission form.
         2. Complete and get approval on the form from Isaac Freeman (23A Main) or John Reynolds (29 Main).
         3. Bring the mail and the permission form to:
             Morgan Station,
             Bulk Mail Entry Unit,
             29th Street - between 9th & 10th Ave., middle of block on the south side, Telephone: 330-4125

      If you have large bulk mailing, you have several options:
         1. Use the bulk mail expertise of your printer/mailing house (provided it can get the non-profit discount). In this case, the mailing house will bill you for the cost of the mailing as a separate item in the bill they                submit to you. This company needs to know the:
                o Teachers College Bulk Mail Account Number
                o Teachers College Bulk Mail Account Authorization for Additional Entries
                  Contact the Mail Room for details.
         2. Use the Columbia University Mailing House. Mr. Bernadino will help you with this process.
             Contact: Sal Bernadino
             Telephone: (212) 281-2528, 3180
             Location: 615 West 131st Street. 4th Floor
         3. Use TC's Bulk Mail Account (you will need to obtain the number from the Mail Room), but
               1. Obtain a mailing permission form
               2. Complete and get approval on that form from Isaac Freeman (23A Main) or John Reynolds (29 Main)
               3. You will need to have your mail house figure out how much the mailing will cost (very easy for most mailing houses).
               4. You should make sure that you have a check cut by TC's Accounts Payable Office by filling out a payment order one month before the mailing. The payment order and check should be made out to:
                  Postmaster, New York, New York
                  421 8th Avenue
                  New York, NY 10199-9651
               5. You (or your mailing house) need to bring this check with the mail to the following address:
                  Morgan Station
                  Bulk Mail Entry Unit
                  29th Street, midblock between 9th and 10th Ave., on the south side of the block
                  Telephone: 330-412

Teachers College, Columbia University
Box 198, 525 W 120th Street
New York, New York 10027-6696
Location: 23 Main Hall
Phone: (212) 678-3700


Shipping and Receiving Policy

Teachers College Receiving Policies

   1. All packages and equipment shipped to Teachers College must have the address as follows:
      Teachers College Col. Univ.
      Shipping and Receiving Dept.
      502 West 121st Street
      Russell Hall Basement
      New York, N.Y. 10027
   2. Packages should include the purchase order number, if applicable

Personal Deliveries

    * Personal deliveries are deliveries that are ordered online or by phone by a department that does not order through the purchasing department.
    * These packages should be addressed to:
      (person's name, building and room number)
      Teachers College Col. Univ
      525 West 120th Street
      New York, NY 10027
    * Any packages with this address will be delivered directly to the person in the room number that appears on the label.

Using the proper address will mean getting your packages to you much faster without any lost, misdelivered, or return packages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Steve Grady at (212) 678-3704, or Danny Vazquez at (212) 678-3721. Thank you for your cooperation.

Responsible Office: Budget and Planning

Effective Date:

Last Updated: January 2015