Computer Disposal Procedure

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Computer Disposal Procedure

Owner: Computing & Information Services

URL: Disposal Procedure

A. Reason for Procedure

Equipment that is obsolete and no longer in use needs to be disposed of in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. Secure disposal is critical to protect personally identifiable data and other sensitive information. For these reasons, disposal of computer equipment must be done in accordance with clearly-defined and documented procedures.

B. Responsible Office and/or Officer

The Department of Computing and Information Services (CIS) is responsible for the maintenance of these procedures, and for responding to questions regarding them.  The responsible official is Daniel Aracena, Office of the CIO.

C. Procedures

  • TC user calls CIS Service Desk to report a computer which needs to be replaced or disposed of.

    • If user contacts Facilities first, Facilities will direct user to CIS.

  • CIS Service Desk staff member will arrange a visit  to the office.

    • Service Desk staff member physically removes internal hard drive from CPU.

    • Service Desk staff places neon-red ‘Ready for Disposal’ sticker on CPU and monitor to be disposed of.

    • Mice and keyboards can be trashed or recycled depending on wear, but do NOT need special arrangements for pickup.

  • CIS Service Desk staff member creates a Facilities work order (at indicating the room number and in the description field enters ‘Computer Disposal Pickup.”

  • Facilities will go to office and pick up CPU and monitor and deliver to Shipping and Receiving for holding and appropriate disposal with approved vendor.



Responsible Office: Computing and Information Services

Effective Date:

Last Updated: November 2015