Foreign Wire Procedures

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Foreign Wire Procedures

Owner: Controller

URL: Wire Procedures


When doing business with international vendors, checks are not always an acceptable form of payment. In this limited situation, the Controller’s Office can initiate wire transfers to the foreign entity as an alternate form of payment. All requests for foreign payments must include a completed Wire/ACH Request form with appropriate authorization along with supporting invoices, letters, receipts or any other required documentation.


   Complete a Wire/ACH Request form as you would for a request for payment by check

   At the top of the form write request for foreign wire payment

   Attach appropriate supporting documentation

   Attach  a  direct  communication  from  the  payee  noting  the  bank  name,  the  account number, the ABA routing number and the SWIFT code for the receiving banking institution

   Provide the Request form and support to the Accounts Payable Office, 303 Zankel Hall

   If the payment is to a foreign individual, the Accounts Payable Office will route  the request  to  the  Legal  Department  to  ensure  the  proper  handling  of  tax  withholdings  or exemptions from withholding

   Once reviewed by the Legal Department, the payment request will be routed to  the Controller’s Office for approval and payment

   If the payment request is for other than a foreign individual, the Accounts Payable Office will defer directly to the Controller’s Office for approval and payment


Responsible Office: Controller

Effective Date:

Last Updated: January 2015