Unidentified Checks

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Unidentified Checks

Owner: Controller

URL: http://www.tc.columbia.edu/policylibrary/Unidentified Checks

General Policy

To reduce the risk of losing and/or misapplication of unidentified checks, the Controller’s Office established a policy for handling unidentified checks. When checks received in a TC department cannot be readily identified by a phone call to the sending party or examination of attached documentation, the checks should be forwarded immediately to the Controller’s Office. Unidentified checks should not be left in a drawer or otherwise not deposited.

When a particular department is missing a payment they believe was sent to the College, they should contact the Controller’s Office to determine if the check was received and/or deposited. The Controller’s Office can re-class the deposit to the correct department by way of a journal entry.

By following the above policy, the College is able to maintain a central repository for all unidentified checks, which can be reviewed when payments are missing and allowing for the timely deposit of checks that cannot readily be identified.

Any questions or comments concerning unidentified checks can be directed to the Accounting Manager in the Controller’s Office at x3088.

Responsible Office: Controller

Effective Date:

Last Updated: January 2015