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Flyers and Postings

Owner: Facilities Management

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1.0       Introduction:

This policy refers to two types of postings (1) flyers announcing events or advertising programs and (2) temporary directional signage to guide people to events/classes/meetings being held on campus.

We strive to keep the buildings of Teachers College clean and uncluttered.  Part of this is ensuring that flyers and posters are posted appropriately, and then removed after the advertised event date. While we will always need temporary signage, we can do a better job in putting up signs without permanently damaging paint and wood surfaces. 

This policy covers posting flyers and posters in all TC buildings.  Flyers and posters that do not comply with this policy will be removed and discarded.


2.0       Purpose:

This policy was developed in an effort to prevent surfaces from being obstructed, damaged or unsightly due to the  proliferation of signs being taped to walls, doors and woodwork throughout the campus.  


3.0       Policy:

A.    General Guidelines

    • Materials may not be placed on glass, painted or varnished surfaces of any kind. 
    • Chalks, paints and markers may not be used on any surface whatsoever for the purpose of advertisement.
    • The use of duct tape, masking tape and glue are prohibited.  Blue painters tape is the only material allowed to attach signs, unless using push pins on a bulletin board.
    • When placing items on the public bulletin boards throughout the academic campus, please be aware that they should be removed after 7 days.

B.     Flyers Announcing Events or Advertising Programs

    • These types of postings should be displayed on bulletins boards only

C.      Temporary Directional Signage

    • Throughout the campus there are many blank 8” x 11” frames on the walls in key locations.  You may slide your directional signage into these frames to direct attendees to your event.  Directional signage should not be placed on any other surface including walls, doors, glass, etc.

Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Effective Date:

Last Updated: January 2015