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Maintenance and Repair Service

Owner: Facilities Management

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1.0       Policy Statement

Teachers College Office of Facilities Management provides a standard level of base (non-chargeable) services and performs preventive maintenance and repair of all academic and administrative buildings on campus.  In addition, Teachers College Facilities offers a variety of services on a chargeable basis.   This policy delineates the scope of maintenance, repair and custodial services in the academic and administrative buildings and surrounding environs managed by Teachers College Office of Facilities Management.  

Teachers College Office of Facilities is responsible for the operation of the buildings and grounds.  This policy describes the standard level of service that Facilities Management provides for students, faculty, staff and visitors to enjoy a safe, functional, clean and scenic campus environment.  The Office Facilities Management provides a standard level of base (non-chargeable) services and performs preventive maintenance and repair of all academic and administrative buildings and campus environs.  In addition, the Office of Facilities offers a variety of services on a chargeable basis.  

This policy describes the levels of services provided by Facilities that are non-chargeable and chargeable. 


2.0       Who is Governed by This Policy

All members of the College community who are responsible for managing space, overseeing events within academic and administrative buildings or in campus environs covered by this policy.


3.0       Exclusions & Special Situations

Leased spaces are excluded from this policy.

Residential properties are excluded from this policy.


4.0       Policy Text

Teachers College Office of Facilities Management provides a standard level of base (non-chargeable) services and performs preventive maintenance and repair of all academic and administrative buildings and campus environs.  In addition, Facilities offers a variety of services on a chargeable basis. 


A standard level of response is provided for three classifications of service requests at no charge (non-chargeable).  Upon request, Facilities Management also provides chargeable services above the standard level. 


4.1       The standard (non-chargeable) levels of service are:

a.         Emergency:  service requests shall be classified as an emergency when the work requires immediate action to eliminate hazards that could endanger life or cause serious injury to personnel, to prevent loss or damage to College property, or to restore essential services.

b.         Urgent:  service requests shall be classified as urgent when repairs or restoring services do not immediately endanger personnel or property, but which would soon lead to property damage, or affect the health or wellbeing of personnel, or a user group priority (i.e. fume hoods, etc.).

c.         Routine:  service requests shall be classified as routine when they do not qualify as Emergency or Urgent, or when further work is required after arresting emergency conditions.


The standard response and completion times for services are: 

Emergency: respond within 30 minutes from receipt; completion in time required to arrest emergency

Urgent: respond within two hours from receipt; completion within 48 hours

Routine: completion within 30 days *

*Does not include work scheduled to be done at a future time at the user group's request.


Members of the College community can contact the following to confirm whether a service is chargeable or non-chargeable and request an estimate the cost of the chargeable service:

•           the Facilities Service Center - 212-678-3010

•           an online request for Facilities services


5.0       Custodial Services


5.1       Routine Cleaning

Our workforce of professional custodians provides cleaning options for all building types (academic, administrative, and library). Services include carpet and upholstery extraction, event setup and support, and 24/7 emergency response.


Routine custodial maintenance of lavatories / restrooms is a non chargeable service. Custodial services are performed Monday through Friday, once per day.


5.2       Library & Common Space

Cleaning of Library, public areas, lounges and corridors are part of routine custodial care and is a non chargeable service. Additional custodial services are available, and are billed on an hourly basis. Library and common space are cleaned between the hours of 10 P.M. and 6:30 A.M.  


5.3       Offices

Cleaning of Offices and is a non-chargeable service as part of routine custodial maintenance. In all campus buildings, office areas are cleaned Monday through Friday between the hours of 2 P.M. and 10 P.M.


5.4       Classrooms

          All instructional space falls under one of two categories:

Registrar Managed: The College Registrar manages scheduling and central College funds provide for maintenance and repair costs.

Departmentally-Managed: An individual academic department (or departments) schedules use and pays maintenance costs.

Unsafe conditions in any instructional space should be immediately reported to Office of Facilities at (212) 678-3010 or to Public Safety at (212) 678-3333. 

In most campus buildings, classroom cleaning is performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 6 A.M. and 2 P.M.


If you wish to order additional custodial services for a departmentally controlled classroom, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding custodial maintenance in any classroom, please contact the office of Facilities at X3010.


6.0       Maintenance Services


6.1       Carpentry Services

Facilities department carpenters maintain and repair building structures by repairing and installing walls, floors, windows and doors. Additionally some of the services our carpenters provide include event planning such as stage, platform, and fencing construction, as well as custom carpentry work as shelving, cabinets and countertops.


6.2       Electrician Services

Facilities department electricians maintain and repair all existing electrical systems and associated hardware including interior and exterior lighting, outlets and receptacles, switches, exit and emergency lighting, electric panels and circuit breakers, electric motors etc.


Additionally some of the services our electricians provide are electrical rewiring, installation of light fixtures and electrical outlets, repair of some electrical appliances, as well as fulfilling special electrical needs for events held on campus.


6.3       Elevator Services

Preventive Maintenance

All campus elevators are inspected tested and preventive maintenance performed as part of an ongoing inspection program and in accordance with appropriate codes and standards.


Problems Needing Repair

All repairs are performed by the elevator shop. If any of the following conditions are observed (or any condition that appears to indicate a faulty elevator) please report them so that repairs can occur quickly.

•           Elevator stuck between floors.

•           Elevator light out.

•           Elevator buttons not responding.

•           Elevator alarm sounding.

•           Elevator doors not opening or closing properly.

•           Elevator buttons not lit when pressed.

•           Elevator unusually noisy.


6.4       Grounds Services

Our grounds staff maintains the campus, providing horticultural, landscape, and snow and leaf removal services. Our staff maintains grassy areas, trees, shrubs, plants and flower beds throughout campus. Also is included is Leaf removal; snow and Ice removal and policing of trash.


6.5       Light bulbs

Light bulb replacement is a service provided for College fixtures in on all academic and residential buildings.


6.6       Pest Control

Routine Pest Management Services

Teachers College has contracted an outside vendor to perform routine pest control services. Administrative and academic buildings receive monthly or more frequent service to reduce or eliminate insect and rodent activity through inspection, monitoring, and if necessary abatement measures. In addition, a technician is on campus during weekday business hours and performs pest control services as the need arises.


6.7       Plumbing Services

The Plumbing Shop specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for water, sewage, and drainage in buildings on and off campus. Our plumbers install and repair pipes and fixtures used for water distribution and waste water disposal. On a practical level they unclog drains, repair leaks, maintain and repair dining hall grease traps, they provide standard repairs for toilets, urinals, sinks and tubs.


7.0       Heating and Cooling

There are a variety of heating and cooling systems in place in academic buildings and resident Halls. The temperature in most campus buildings is controlled by a central control system in accordance with temperature guidelines set by the University.


7.1       Temperature Guidelines

Except in few locations which require specific temperature ranges, all centrally controlled facilities are heated to 68 degrees in the winter and cooled to 76 degrees in the summer when occupied. Occupants of campus buildings are asked to participate in University energy conservation initiatives by reporting excessive heating and cooling to the Facilities Service Center.


7.2       Room Schedules and Central Temperature Control

Room schedules affect temperature controls; classroom, lecture halls, and other rooms are heated and cooled when they are expected to be in use. Changes in room use schedules should be reported to the Facilities Office. Heating and cooling adjustments will be made accordingly.


7.3       To Report a Heating or Cooling Problem

All heating and cooling problems should be reported to the Facilities Service Center. Technicians will be sent to your room, or academic building, to assess and correct the problem. Temperature adjustment requests for centrally controlled facilities will be considered within the context of temperature guidelines set by the University.


8.0       Urgent situations defined

Teachers College would appreciate knowing immediately of plumbing leaks and any problems resulting in water over flow. In addition, if a toilet or shower drain is clogged and there is no other bathroom available to you this would indicate an urgent repair. To report a problem needing immediate repair contact Facilities Service Center during regular business hours, after hours contact Public Safety.


9.0       Recycling

The College community is committed to and actively supports recycling efforts. The Facility Department oversees recycling efforts throughout campus and is responsible for providing and emptying recycling containers and collection areas.


The new recycling program:

  •  Eliminates the need to separate paper from cans, bottles & plastic         
  •  Expands the ability to recycle more types of plastics.    
  •  Can now recycle #1-7.
  •  Will be expanding food recycling in the dining hall.
  •  Will eliminate confusion by asking you to sort fewer items.


10.0     Signage

Interior and Temporary Exterior Signs

Facilities will coordinate sign purchases and installation.  The department requesting the signage will be provided a price for the signage and their index code will be charged accordingly. Facilities will coordinate sign purchases and installation.  The department requesting the signage will be provided a price for the signage and their index code will be charged accordingly. Types of signage include:

•           Desk name plates

•           Door numbering

•           Wall signs

•           Temporary exterior signs


11.0     Non- Chargeable

All routine maintenance/repair work on centrally owned College equipment (plumbing systems, HVAC systems, electrical systems) is handled on a non-chargeable basis. 


12.0     Chargeable

Upgrading current equipment based on departmental needs is a chargeable item.  For example, upgrades to departmental electrical systems necessitated by new equipment, upgrades to plumbing system necessitated by new equipment, etc.  Upgrading any physical space, - installation of new flooring, new lighting, new locks, new doors, painting, etc. – is a chargeable item. 


The charges are for the actual cost of the work (labor and materials).  There is no percentage markup applied.


In some cases labor charges will apply for event setups (or other work) whenever that work is occurring outside of regular business hours (8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday – Friday).


The following are examples of supplementary custodial services available to requesting departments. Most of these services can be incorporated into a routine maintenance program. This list is not exhaustive; many other detail cleaning services are also available.


Stripping and refinishing vinyl tile flooring (other than the annual service provided in routine cleaning).

•           Shampooing carpeting (other than the annual service provided in routine cleaning).

•           Wall washing.

•           Polishing furniture, cabinets, and walls.

•           Interior window cleaning.

•           Breaking down cardboard boxes.

•           "One-time" cleaning (e.g., spring cleaning).

•           "Pre-event" cleaning (e.g., carpet shampooing, window washing, vinyl floor scrubbing and buffing, etc.).

•           "During-event" services (e.g., coat checking, restroom and corridor cleaning).

•           "Post-event" cleaning (clean-ups following parties, receptions, catered events, etc.).



Supplemental custodial services, i.e., in addition to the services listed in the tables, are always chargeable to the requesting department, and are billed at an hourly labor rate.

Estimates are available for supplemental custodial services. Please contact the Office of Facilities Management to arrange for an estimate for supplementary service.

Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Effective Date:

Last Updated: January 2015