Room Setup and Moving

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Room Setup and Moving

Owner: Facilities Management

URL: Setup and Moving

1.0    Policy Statement

Teachers College Office of Facilities Management is responsible for delivering quality and reliable services to the academic and administrative units on campus. The office of Facilities Management provides room setup and moving services to all campus departments and offices at Teachers College.

2.0    Room Setup

•    Event Planners should contact Facilities at least five days in advance to discuss room set ups.
•    Tables, chairs podiums, easels, etc., can be placed or removed in rooms with advance notice and are subject to the original room configuration
•    Groups interested in a specific furniture set up for an event must check with Facilities for assistance.
•    The client is responsible for the costs incurred for room setups not covered in normal operating hours of Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, and Saturday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.  If you are planning a large event that requires multiple room setups please contact Kevin Waldron, Manger of Custodial Services at or 212-678-3255

    2.1    It is the responsibility of the requestor to confirm the room set up with the Facilities Office, a minimum of 3 business days (Monday through Friday) prior to the event.  Any changes in set up requirements should be submitted in advance of 2 days before the program to Facilities.

    2.2    When requesting a room setup please provide the following:

    •    Date, time and location of the event
    •    Maximum number of attendees
    •    Implementation of security measures
    •    Number of table (round or rectangular) and chairs
    •    Setup configuration
    •    Any special needs

3.0    Room Use Expectations

All users of classrooms are expected to leave the classroom and its equipment in good order.  Keeping a classroom in good order includes chairs, desks and tables straightened, electronic equipment powered down, taking away or disposing of everything one came in with, such as beverage/food containers, newspapers, etc.  Users are also expected to take extra care that no damage is done to classrooms or classroom furniture or equipment and that the room is returned to a class ready condition.  Taping floors is not permitted.  Removing furniture from any classroom (even if it is intended for use in an alternate classroom) is not permitted.

4.0    Moving / Setup Services

    4.1    Items Moved
    This service includes the following moves:
    •    Office furniture and other office items moved from one administrative or academic location to another (excluding artwork and pianos)
    •    Equipment and materials moved to the Teachers College storage area.

    4.2    Items Not Moved
    Teachers College movers do not move the following items:
    •    Artwork
    •    Pianos
    •    Personal items

5.0    Scheduling Moves
Every effort is made to schedule moves within the time period requested. Please be aware that lead time is required and that moves are handled in the order in which they are requested. 

    5.1    To Request Office Furniture Moves
    To request this service contact the Office of Facilities Management and provide the following information     remembering that details will help us to fulfill your request:
    •    Contact name and number of department individual designated to coordinate the move
    •    Detailed list of items to be moved including present location of items
    •    Location to which items will be moved
    •    Special considerations (example, desk hutch needs to be dismantled by carpenter shop prior to move
    •    Approximate move date. Please allow appropriate lead time.
    •    Index code number to which the service may be billed if not done during normal business hours.

    5.2    Confirmation of Move Details
    Facilities Services staff will speak with you prior to the move to confirm details including move dates.

    5.3    Service Fees
    The move of furniture and other items in academic and administrative offices during business hours is a     non-billable service; after hours moves are billable.


Responsible Office: Facilities Management

Effective Date:

Last Updated: April 2015