Acceptance of Legal Documents

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Acceptance of Legal Documents

Owner: General Counsel

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Procedures for Receipt of Legal Documents 

Office of General Counsel

Teachers College is represented by the Office of General Counsel (“OGC”).  OGC includes Michael Feierman (General Counsel), Althea Broomfield-Michel (Assistant General Counsel) Patricia Jendraszek (Assistant General Counsel) and Viktoria Potapova (Administrative & Legal Associate).  The office is located at 107 Zankel and can be reached at 212-678-6637 or at

No Teachers College employee or agent should accept or respond to any TC-related legal notice or demand without first consulting OGC.    Any document that appears to relate to a legal claim or dispute should be delivered to OGC.  Please note when the document was received, how (by mail, by messenger, etc.), and by whom.

A. Service of Lawsuits and Similar Proceedings.   Only OGC may accept service of Complaints, Petitions or other documents commencing proceedings against the College, any unit of the College, or the College’s trustees or officers.     If a process server or anyone else attempts to serve a complaint on you, refer them OGC.    If you discover that someone in your office has inadvertently accepted a complaint, please call OGC immediately.

B. Subpoenas.   Subpoenas direct a person to produce certain documents or give testimony in court or at a deposition.   Subpoenas may name the College, a unit of the College or individual officers, employees or students.  If a process server or anyone else attempts to serve a subpoena in connection with matter involving the College, refer them to OGC.  If you receive a subpoena in the mail or otherwise, please notify OGC immediately so that we can determine whether the subpoena is legally valid and what response, if any, is appropriate. 

C. Other legal notices.  State and federal administrative agencies sometimes send notices of complaints or investigations to College departments or administrators.   If you or your office receives such a document, please contact OGC immediately.  

Thank you for your cooperation.