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Academic Standards for Students

Policy regarding academic standards and requirements for students.

Owner: Enrollment Management

Tags: Student Affairs

The Faculty of the College requires that all students maintain acceptable grades as well as satisfactory progress in the completion of degree requirements. Some departments specify an overall minimum grade average (see specific department statements). Any department judging a student to be performing below expectations is authorized by the Faculty to require additional course work as a means to evaluate the student’s continuance within the degree program or at the College. If satisfactory progress as defined by the department is not maintained, a student may be dismissed from the program. In addition, a student whose academic performance in course work or in other requirements is seriously below the level required for successful completion of a degree may be denied permission for continued enrollment at the College on the initiative of the Faculty of the academic department in which the student is enrolled. There is no formal appeal from such a decision, but the services of the Ombudsman may be requested by the student.

Any student receiving eight or more points with grades of C- or lower is not permitted to continue registration at the College in any capacity and may not receive a degree or diploma. Petitions for exception to this policy are to be submitted, in writing, to the Registrar with a written recommendation from the department in which the student was last enrolled. Such petitions will be submitted to a faculty committee for review and decision. (See Exemption Procedures, Master’s programs)


Updated: September 2017

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