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Bulletin Board

Policy regarding bulletin board announcements.

Owner: Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Tags: APStudent Affairs

Bulletin boards throughout the College highlight conferences, student activities, organizations, art shows, and other department and campus events. There are bulletin boards that are overseen by certain departments, programs and offices.  These boards should state that they are for the exclusive use of a particular area and ask that others not post without permission. 

There is no authorization necessary for posting on these bulletin boards - however, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Post only on bulletin boards.
  • Posting is not permitted on walls, doors or windows.
  • Post only relevant content as indicated on the board.
  • Remove all flyers after your event has taken place.
  • Use tacks only. Staples and tape are not permitted.
  • Use only designated areas for listings.
  • Do not remove or cover up another flyer to accommodate your own.

Responsible Office: Vice Provost for Student Affairs 

Last Updated: January 2023

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