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Employment in Part-Time Positions

HR Policy 403.3

Owner: Human Resources

Tags: HR

POLICY 403.3


To provide guidelines for employees who are designated as working part-time at the College.

2.0   SCOPE

This policy applies to all part-time employees.


The interpretation and administration of this policy shall be the responsibility of the Human Resources Officer.

4.0   POLICY

In general, employees who work part-time hold one position and work less than twenty hours per week. However, it may be appropriate for an employee to hold more than one part-time position at a time, so long as the employee does not on average work more than twenty seven hours per week total across all part-time positions.

4.1  Benefits

4.1.1  Employees working over eighty hours in a year will receive sick leave at the rate of one hour for every thirty hours worked. Employees who are paid hourly, in positions referred to as FLSA non-exempt (policy 304, 4.1), may use this leave, in one-hour increments, after four months of service. Employees who are paid on a salary basis and not on an hourly basis, in positions referred to as FLSA exempt (policy 304, 4.2), may use this leave in half day (3.5 hours) or whole day (7 hours) increments. Employees may carry over up to forty hours of sick leave from one year to the next year. This leave may be used for personal illness, injury or a doctor’s visit and may also be used to care for a family member’s illness, injury or doctor’s visit. Please refer to the sick leave policy (505.2) for further details. Employees who return to College employment within six months will maintain their prior sick leave balance, in accordance with College policy.

4.1.2  Employees in part-time positions will be notified by Human Resources no later than one month after their first year anniversary if they are eligible to participate in health insurance benefits. Employees who have been working at the College for more than one year will be notified by Human Resources by no later than November if they are eligible to participate in health insurance benefits. Any employee who believes that s/he will be, or is, eligible for this benefit for the first time is encouraged to contact the Human Resources officer to ensure that College records match the employee’s understanding of his/her eligibility. Benefits for part-time employees who have been working at the College for more than one year begin on January 1 each year.

4.1.3  For additional information on benefits for part-time professional employees, see Policy 511.

4.2  Hours of work

4.2.1  Time sheets – Hours worked will be recorded on time sheets for employment arrangements where an employee completes a time sheet. Once the hours are approved by the employee’s supervisor, they will be recorded as credit for time worked.

4.2.2  Imputed hours – In situations where hours worked are not recorded on time sheets, the employee’s hours will be calculated by using either the maximum allowable hours for the assignment (as indicated in the offer letter and the student employment guidelines) or as described in 4.2.2.  Offer letter – Employees in part-time positions (other than teaching positions) or in appointments where hours are not recorded on time sheets should receive offer letters. Each offer letter should include a statement indicating the maximum number of hours that an employee may work per week. Any employee who does not receive such a letter should contact the Office of Human Resources immediately.  Hours attributed to a course – In general, part-time instructors, part-time lecturers, and adjuncts will be credited with one hour teaching plus one and one-quarter hour of preparatory/grading time for each hour of class per week. In addition, part-time instructors, part-time lecturers, and adjuncts will receive one office hour per week for each course taught. For example, the number of work hours attributed for employees who teach a class that meets for two classroom hours per week will be six (2 teaching hours + 2.5 prep/grading hours + 1 office hour = 5.5, rounded up to the nearest hour, or 6 hours per week for the course). Alternative classes will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

4.3  Special rules applicable to Employees who hold FLSA non-exempt positions (policy 304, 4.1)

4.3.1  Most part-time positions will be considered “non-exempt” from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and be paid for the hours worked, in accordance with applicable law. Teaching is considered an FLSA exempt position and is paid on a salaried basis, but when combined with another position that is FLSA non-exempt, the reporting requirements for all positions held by the incumbent may change to require that all hours are recorded and paid for individually. This will depend upon the totality of the incumbent’s responsibilities over the multiple jobs maintained at the College, as defined by federal regulations.

4.3.2  Employees who work in any position designated as FLSA non-exempt must be paid an hourly rate for each hour worked in all positions, even if one or more of those positions would otherwise be considered salaried and not payable at an hourly rate.

4.3.3  Employees who work in any position designated as FLSA non-exempt must be paid at an overtime rate for hours worked beyond forty (40) in any one week.

4.3.4  Employees working in more than one position designated as FLSA non-exempt will complete separate time sheets for each job.   

4.3.5  Employees working in more than one position may not record working the same hours for more than one position at the same time.

4.4  Fringe rate for multiple appointments

4.4.1  In situations where an employee is holding multiple appointments at the College, the department(s) will be charged the highest fringe rate applicable to any of the appointments for all appointments maintained by the employee. 

Responsible office: Human Resources 

Last updated: July 30, 2014

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