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Evaluation Procedures for Doctoral Certification

Policy and procedures regarding evaluation procedures for doctoral certification and appeals.

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Programs of study at Teachers College leading to the Ed.D., Ed.D.C.T., and Ph.D. degrees have formal evaluation procedures that lead to a recommendation for doctoral certification or to a decision to dismiss from a doctoral program. This evaluation procedure is the responsibility of students’ program faculty. To become certified doctoral candidates, doctoral students must meet College-wide requirements for certification, which include filing an approved program plan and meeting minimum requirements for course grades. In addition, students must receive a departmental recommendation for certification, which is based on successful completion of the certification process. Depending on students’ academic program and department, the certification process may include certification exam(s); satisfactory academic progress in course work (over and above minimum College-wide requirements); competency in a language or languages other than English; completion of qualifying papers; and adherence to institutional, program, and/or discipline-specific guidelines. Students are encouraged to consult with their program faculty and with the Office of Doctoral Studies to learn which requirements pertain to their programs of study.

Within College guidelines, each academic program has the authority to establish its own policy concerning requirements for certification and the options available to students who have not been successful in the certification process. Students who do not receive departmental recommendation for certification shall be dismissed from doctoral programs.

Appeal Procedure

Students who are dismissed from their doctoral programs and who wish to appeal the decision are encouraged to go first to their faculty advisors. If an appeal at that level is not successful, students should then contact the program director or departmental chair. If the appeal is denied at the program or departmental level, students may contact the Registrar’s Office for review by the Faculty Committee on the Doctoral Degree. To initiate the appeal process, students should submit a written statement to the Registrar, and the Registrar will contact the relevant academic program and department to gather additional information for the appeal.  The Faculty Committee on the Doctoral degree will consider statements from the student and from the program and department in rendering a decision.

A student at any time may seek the assistance of the Ombudsman or the Vice Provost for Student Affairs.


Last Updated: October 2017

Last Edited: June 2022

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