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Exemption for Degree Requirements - Doctoral

Policy and procedures regarding exemption for doctoral program degree requirements.

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The various doctoral committees at Teachers College have the responsibility for implementing Faculty policies concerning the requirements for the several degrees. The policies and established procedures are outlined annually in bulletins available from the Office of Doctoral Studies and online at tc.edu/doctoral. A student who wishes to appeal a decision regarding a petition for exemption from the Doctoral Dissertation Advisement Fee, a leave of absence, an extension of period of certification, or similar aspects of the doctoral process may submit a petition to the Office of Doctoral Studies and to the attention of the Faculty Committee on the Doctoral Degree. The petition must carry the advisor’s recommendation. After proper review, the response to the petition is final in that it cannot be appealed for reversal to a higher office. The student may choose to consult with the Ombudsman. Students are urged to consult with the Office of Doctoral Studies if they have questions about the form of the petition or any other aspects of the process.


Updated: June 2022

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