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General Student Registration Agreement

Policy regarding general registration.

Owner: Enrollment Management

Tags: Student Affairs

The myTC portal on myTC and in-person registration systems grant students access to their student record and account information. Using these services will have direct educational and financial implications on the students’ academic record and/or TC financial account.

Students have full responsibility for any course registrations, course additions, course drops, and registration withdrawals entered and submitted for processing through myTC or in-person.

Students further acknowledge that by registering through myTC or in-person, they are subject to all applicable policies and procedures outlined in the Teachers College Academic Catalog and Student Handbook and to all degree requirements, academic policies and financial policies of Teachers College, including, but not limited to, tuition; fees; collection cost and fees; financial aid; and the schedules for payment, reductions in tuition and fees charges, and refunds in effect for the academic term(s) for which they are registering or making changes. By registering, students agree to be charged and pay in accordance with the published schedule of charges set forth in the Teachers College Catalog with respect to payment of tuition, fees, reductions of tuition and fees, refunds, dropping and adding courses, and withdrawal policy procedures.

Failure to clear all account balances may result in the assessment of late payment fees. An initial late payment fee of $50.00 will be charged on any outstanding balance during the first billing period. A 1 and 1/3 percent monthly (16 percent annually) late payment charge will be assessed on any subsequent outstanding balance. In addition, failure to make timely payment of housing charges (if applicable) may result in eviction. Unpaid accounts may be referred to a collection agency or law firm for collection.


Updated: September 2017

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