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Information regarding Ombudsman.

Owner: Ombuds

The Office of the Ombudsman is a resource available to students, faculty, and staff for resolving problems and conflicts. Members of the College community should use the services of the Ombudsman when they no longer want to pursue the solution of a problem through formal channels alone. It is important, however, they try to resolve their problems or register their concerns with their advisors, instructors, department chairs, other students, colleagues, or College management and administration.

Anyone involved in resolving a problem is asked to cooperate with the Ombudsman.

The use of the services of the Office of the Ombudsman does not substitute for a formal grievance procedure.

The Ombudsman adheres to all policies and practices of Teachers College and to standards of professional practice. 


The Ombudsman helps to resolve a problem by:

  • Identifying and recommending options.
  • Providing needed information about relevant College policies and practices.
  • Investigating a problem and gathering information.
  • Creating an opportunity for better communication among those involved in resolving a problem, including setting up meetings when necessary.
  • Identifying problems that require changes in College policy and practices.

Responsible Office: Ombuds

Effective Date: January 2015

Last Updated: January 2015

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