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Student Organizations

Owner: Vice Provost for Student Affairs

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All student organizations must comply with the Student Conduct Code and with the Teachers College Statutes, which provide in relevant part:

While Teachers College does not operate on the basis of detailed regulations and procedures, it does expect its members to observe traditional canons of scholarly discourse, academic behavior, and due process. Students as well as faculty members are expected to exhibit the high level of personal integrity which society must demand of professionals.

Teachers College insists on the greatest degree of freedom of inquiry, teaching, learning, and expression for all of its members. The exercise of these rights, however, must not violate the free exercise of the same rights by other members of the community. Thus, activities which disrupt the regular and essential operation of the College and/or University, or impede the free flow of ideas or individual movement in Teachers College and/or Columbia University are not permitted.
Students or other members of the University community may register charges of violating these standards with the Vice Provost for Student Affairs. Students found guilty of violating these standards of conduct may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, ranging from reprimand to disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion.

By law, these institutional policies and rules are deemed a part of the bylaws of all Teachers College student organizations and shall review annually by those organizations.

Responsible Office: Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Updated: September 2017

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