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Use of College Resources

Policy regarding use of college resources. HR Policy 402

Owner: Human Resources

Tags: HR



To identify the extent to which Teachers College resources may be used by College employees.

2.0   SCOPE
This policy applies to all employees.  
The interpretation and administration of this policy shall be the responsibility of the Human Resources Officer, Human Resources.
4.0   POLICY
College resources are for use in the conduct of College business and may not be used for personal or outside business purposes. Misuse of the resources identified herein will be considered a serious matter and addressed accordingly.
4.1  College telephones are for use in the conduct of College business. Personal telephone calls should be limited to those which are absolutely necessary, should be as brief as possible and should be made in places where colleagues and students are unlikely to be disturbed.
4.2  Metered postage or stamps, office supplies and Shipping and Receiving services are not available for personal use.
4.3  Office copiers and facsimile machines in the College are not to be used for personal work. Exceptions to this are limited to health insurance and flexible spending account records filed under College plans and reasonably brief income tax forms.
4.4  With permission of a supervisor and with authorization by the Security Office, computers may be taken home for College business.  No one other than the employee may use a College computer.
Responsible office: Human Resources
Last updated: July 30, 2014
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