Principal Investigator Status on External Grants

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Principal Investigator Status on External Grants

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Teachers College, Columbia University


It is Teachers College (TC) policy that only full-time academic appointees on an appointment in an academic department or institute may act as Project Directors/Principal Investigators (PDs/PIs) on externally sponsored projects.  


This policy ensures that proposals emanating from TC are central to its mission, and serves to integrate extramural programs with academic program priorities.  It also helps assure maximum accountability for expenditures of funds, due to the employer/employee relationship.


It is understood, however, that from time to time it may be necessary to have an individual who is not a full-time academic appointee named as the PD/PI on a particular project.  This may be because he/she is working in tandem with an Institute Director or a full-time faculty member at TC.  There are scientific and programmatic reasons why a Department or Institute may support the designation of such an individual as a PD/PI.


In order to name an individual as a PD/PI on an externally sponsored project at TC, the following items must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs for transmittal to the Provost, who has final approval of this designation.


1)                  A copy of the individual's CV.

2)                  An explanation of how this particular individual's qualifications suits them for the designation of PI/PD.

3)                  Signed approval for this request by the Department Chair or Institute Director under whose auspices this project will take place. 

4)                  Signed agreement by the individual to abide by the grant terms and conditions and college policies and procedures for the conduct of the project, should it be funded. 




Teachers College, Columbia University

Project Director/Principal Investigator Designation Request


Name of proposed Project Director/ Principal Investigator:


(Last)________________________, (First)_______________________(Initial) ____


Title of Project:




Project Period: _____/_____/_____ - _____/_____/_____


If approved, will the proposed Project Director/ Principal Investigator maintain the designation for the duration of the Project?           Yes       No


If No, indicate the period in which the designation will be active?

_____/_____/_____ - _____/_____/_____


Project Funding Agency or Sponsor Name: __________________________________________


Department, Institute or Center Housing the Project: __________________________________



Attach a current CV to this request.


Please answer the following questions.  Additional pages may be attached as necessary.


1.      What characteristic(s) of the above referenced individual qualify(ies) them for the designation of  PD/PI on this project? 








2.      What is the mission of the sponsoring TC Department/Institute/Center?  How does this project relate to that mission?







I request that the above-named individual be designated as Project Director/Principal Investigator for the project and period indicated above.


_________________________________________              _______________

Department Chair/Institute or Center Director                       Date


As Project Director/Principal Investigator for the referenced project, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions specified by the Project sponsors, as well as Teachers College policies and procedures for the conduct of sponsored projects.


_________________________________________              ________________

Project Director/Principal Investigator                                   Date


APPROVED:  _____________________________             ________________

                        Dean                                                                Date 

Responsible Office: Provost

Effective Date:

Last Updated: December 2015