Campus Sex Crimes Prevention

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Campus Sex Crimes Prevention

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Policy regarding campus sex crimes prevention act.

1.      Introduction:

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act provides for the tracking of convicted, registered sex offenders enrolled as students, or working or volunteering at institutions of higher education.

Teachers College Office of Public Safety, in compliance with the notification requirements of the federal “Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act,” provides sex offender registration information for any students, employees, or residents of the College.  Additionally, information on any sex offenders who are also residents of Morningside Heights can be found at the New York Police Department - 26th Precinct. 


2.      New York State Law

New York State law mandates that anyone required to register as a sex offender do so with both their local law enforcement (municipal or county) agency at their residence and also with the police or security department of any institution of higher learning at which they are enrolled as a student (full-time or part-time), are an employee (full-time or part-time), or reside (or intend to reside or stay) on any property owned or controlled by the institution of higher learning.


3.      Sex Offender Registration

Any affiliates who have not done so, but who are required to register by the “New

York State Offenders Registration Act”, must contact the 26th Precinct of the New York Police Department and file a report with the Office of Public Safety. Completed forms must be delivered in person (registrants must bring a valid photo ID) to the Office of Public Safety in a sealed envelope: Attn: Director of Public Safety.


4.      Community Resources

• New York State Registry:


• New York Police Department

26th Precinct:

Responsible Office: Public Safety

Effective Date:

Last Updated: April 2015