Reporting Criminal Incidents

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Reporting Criminal Incidents

Owner: Public Safety

Policy regarding reporting criminal incidents.

1.0    Introduction:
In case of emergency, dial extension 3333 from any campus phone, 212-678-3333 from any phone, or 911 from any phone.

Community members are strongly encouraged to report criminal incidents, accidents, and emergencies to the Office of Public Safety either by phone (212-678-3220) or in person.  The Office investigates all crimes and accidents occurring on campus, and/or assists the New York City Police Department in police investigations of crimes on campus.

2.0    Procedure:
The Office of Public Safety reports all apparent crimes to the New York City Police Department.  Crimes may also be reported to the New York City Police Department directly by any member of the College community by phone (212-678-3311) or in person.  The 26th Police Precinct is within walking distance of campus at 520 West 126th Street.

In an emergency, the Office of Public Safety can be immediately reached by dialing 3333 from any on-campus phone or by dialing 212-678-3333 from any phone.  Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services can immediately be reached by dialing 911 from any phone.

It is recommended that community members dial 3333 in any emergency so that the Office of Public Safety can facilitate a direct response to the emergency by both on-campus and off-campus emergency services.   On-campus emergency phones are strategically located in residence hall laundry rooms, outside of residence halls, and in key locations in the academic areas.

3.0    Timely and Urgent Warnings 
    3.1    Non-emergency warnings: 
    The Office of Public Safety is committed to providing timely warnings of crimes and other incidents that may pose a threat to members of the TC Community.  Non-emergency notices are generally provided via College-wide broadcast emails. 
    3.2    Emergency warnings: 
    Teachers College shall immediately notify the campus community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of community members.  Such warnings may be delayed only if they would compromise efforts to contain the emergency. 


Responsible Office: Public Safety

Last Updated: January 2015