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Tabling Protocol for Zankel Hall First Floor, Teachers College, Columbia University

Owner: Public Safety

Teachers College is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment for all members of our community and persons visiting the College. TC has therefore developed this protocol to ensure the free flow of traffic and access for everyone, including individuals with disabilities through the first floor of Zankel Hall.

Teachers College academic departments, administrative offices, and officially recognized student organizations may request a table for the 1st floor of Zankel Hall. Tables may not be used to promote local businesses, for fundraising activities (except for fundraising activities conducted by the Office of External Affairs), or for outside organizations unless, in accordance with the College’s room assignments policy, the organization has co-sponsored with a TC academic department, administrative, office, or officially-recognized student organization for the activity involved. In co-sponsorship situations, the TC academic department, administrative office, or officially-recognized student organization will need to submit the tabling request for the event they are co-sponsoring.

Tables may not be used for registration/check-in unless Everett Lounge has been reserved for the corresponding event.

Tabling requests for events scheduled to take place in Everett Lounge are given priority. Tabling is not available if an event is scheduled in Everett Lounge on the requested date and time.

To reserve a table, please review and follow the protocol and steps below:

Tabling Protocol

  • Requests for tables must go through the 25 Live system coordinated through Room Assignments in the Office of the Registrar. Room Assignments will review the request with Public Safety.
  • If the table request is approved, the event organizers should complete and submit a work order with the Office of Facilities to have the table(s) and chair(s) installed and removed. The work order must include the event start and end times.
  • Only tables and chairs provided and installed by the Office of Facilities are permitted. Event organizers may not use furniture from other rooms and/or rely on their own furniture.
  • A maximum of two tables may be set up in front of Everett Lounge.
  • For each table requested, one 6 foot table and 2 chairs will be provided.
  • Table signage should be placed on the table(s). Signage is only permitted on the wooden hallway walls if affixed with blue Painter’s tape. Event staff must remove all signage at the conclusion of the event.
  • Placement of easels, television screens, or other objects that might protrude into the hallway must have prior approval by Public Safety. If approved, the event organizers must request all audio-visual equipment through Media Services.
  • Generally speaking, tabling outside of Milbank Chapel is not permitted. However, requests for tabling outside of Milbank will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Public Safety. In the event a request for tabling outside of Milbank is approved, in addition to the conditions set forth above, the following restrictions apply:
    • The table may not be accompanied by any chairs or additional items causing the table to extend further into the hallway.
    • The table may not contain food or drink items.


Reserving a Table through 25 Live

  1. Log into the 25 Live System ( to request table(s).
  2. Provide required event details in the online request form.
  3. Select either Table 1 and/or Table 2 for location preference.
  4. After receiving a reservation confirmation, place a work order with the Office of Facilities to arrange for the installation and removal of tables and chairs.

Please note: Requests can only be confirmed 24-48 hours in advance. Please plan accordingly. It is only when the requestor has received the confirmation that tabling on the 1st floor of Zankel Hall is permitted. 


Effective Date:  May 23, 2019