Campus Activities

Campus Activities

All Group Gatherings which do not include approved in-person courses or essential staff functions are not permitted on campus. All campus activities consisting of group gatherings must be conducted virtually via video or teleconference. This includes any activity in which a group of 2 or more individuals congregate to engage in an activity, such as:

  • Office Meetings
  • All extracurricular activities
  • Study groups
  • Lectures

The following activities will be permitted on campus:


  • Solitary study in one of the designated study spaces (computer labs, TC Dining Hall, library) which have been reconfigured to adhere to the 48 sq ft per individual space model (see shared space reconfiguration section)
  • Approved Library Transactions (see Gottesman Library section on resuming library services)

Non-Essential Staff:

  • Work that is of a functional necessity to be completed on campus, approved by the individual’s Vice President which adheres to the 0% to 25% on-site staff model

Approved Exceptions

  • Individuals who are engaged in courses that meet in-person, on campus
  • Individuals who are involved in approved research activities on campus (see guidelines and training for research activity for more information)

In-person course offerings

Instruction for fall classes will be delivered online, with very few exceptions. Exceptions approved by the Provost’s Review Committee are required to adhere to aforementioned classroom space reconfigurations pursuant to the 48 sq ft physical distancing model.

Courses Delivered In-Person (faculty + students in the classroom):

All courses approved to be delivered in person (faculty + students in the classroom) will be identified by the Registrar, and the classroom assignment will be communicated to the Facilities and Operations department for evaluation and space reconfiguration.

All courses will be assigned to classrooms of which the course capacity is at or below the maximum reduced capacity of the classroom (the maximum capacity of the classroom where each individual has 48 sq ft of physical distance from other individuals).

Courses Delivered via Zoom on Campus (faculty + NO students in the classroom):

All courses where faculty will teach in the classroom, but deliver to students via Zoom (faculty + no students in the classroom) identified by the Registrar, and the classroom assignment will be communicated to the Facilities and Operations department. Both offices will coordinate to ensure the assigned classroom is fully outfitted with necessary technology equipment to facilitate the course virtually from the assigned classroom.

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