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Teachers College, Columbia University (TC) invites inquiries, nominations, and applications for its next Provost, Dean of the College, and Vice President of Academic Affairs (Provost). The Provost will be a key member of President Thomas Bailey’s executive leadership team, with substantial budgetary and personnel responsibility, along with academic leadership of the faculty. The College seeks a visionary academic who will lead the faculty and embrace the mission to create a smarter, healthier, and more equitable world. The new Provost is desired to assume office by June 1, 2023.

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Search Committee Members

Noah Drezner (Faculty)
Mark Gooden (Faculty)
Laudan “Laudi” Jahromi (Faculty)
Kelly Parkes (Faculty)
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz (Faculty)
Lalitha Vasudevan (Faculty)
Helen Jaffe (Trustee)
Kent McGuire (Trustee)
Marion Bakhoya (Student Senate President)
Katie Embree (Administrator)
Lisa Seales (Administrator)
Leslie Nelson (Ex-Officio; Trustee)

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For further information please contact:

Linda McMillin ( or
Bill Howard (

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