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Department Chairs

Faculty Members on Elected Committees

Academic Year 2019-2020

The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) consists of 13 members, one representative from each of the nine departments and the chair of each of three subcommittees. The chairs of the Subcommittees are selected in the Fall. Representatives for the FEC and all FEC subcommittees are elected by the faculty for two-year terms. The FEC is broken down into 4 subcommittees, one of which, the Subcommittee on the Academic Program, is composed of the 9 department representatives to the FEC. An elected member of the FEC chairs the other subcommittees; subcommittee membership is supplemented by other faculty as interest, expertise, and willingness to serve permit. The FEC acts between meetings of the Faculty to exercise those powers delegated to the Faculty by the Statutes and other documents of the College. In addition to those written in the Statutes, the FEC makes recommendations with the Department Chairs to the Provost and Dean of the College for new faculty positions.

Subcommittee on Academic Personnel Elected Representative -  Sandra Okita
Subcommittee on Finance, Facilities, and Support Services Elected Representative - Noah Drezner
Subcommittee on Race, Culture, and Diversity Elected Representative - Srikala Naraian

The Subcommittee on the Academic Program is composed of the 10 department representatives to the FEC.  The Chair of the FEC is elected from the nine department representatives to the FEC and thus serves on the Subcommittee on the Academic Program.  The focus of the Subcommittee on the Academic Program centers around policies and practices designed to develop the academic program of Teachers College, including attention both to the instructional program and to academic activities related to research, demonstration, and service.  The Subcommittee reviews and assesses the development and implementation of program priorities, and makes recommendations to the Faculty Executive Committee and to the Provost regarding program changes as they may be developed within the various units of the College.  The Subcommittee also evaluates and approves new course proposals in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Provost.

A&H Department Representative - Hansun Waring (2019-2021)
BBS Department Representative - Laura Azzarito (2018-2020)
CCP Department Representative - Douglas Mennin (2019-2021)
C&T Department Representative - Jim Borland (2017-2019)
EPSA Department Representative - Jordan Matsudaira (2019-2021)
HBS Department Representative - Daniel Fiendup (2018-2020)
ITS Department Representative - Hope Leichter (2018-2020)
MST Department Representative - Felicia Mensah (Spring 2019 - Spring 2020)
ORL Department Representative - Sonya Horsford (2018-2020) - APS Chair

The Subcommittee on Academic Personnel represents the Faculty in matters pertaining to the formulation and implementation of personnel policies and practices.  Among its concerns are policies regarding the recruitment, hiring, promotion, and tenure of professional, adjunct, and instructional staff, as well as working conditions and support services.

Lori Custodero (2019-2021)
Daniel Friedrich (2019-2021)  - AY 20-21 Chair
Sandra Okita (2019-2021) - AY19-20 Chair

The Subcommittee on Finance, Facilities, and Support Services functions in connection with the budget, library, computer center, and aspects of non-instructional staff.  The Subcommittee works with the Provost and the Vice President for Finance and Administration and prepares an annual report which, after Faculty approval, is forwarded to the Trustees with the proposed budget.


Noah Drezner (2018-2020) - Chair
Gary Natriello (2018-2020)
Carolyn Riehl (2018-2020)

The Subcommittee on Race, Culture, and Diversity seeks to identify and implement mechanisms for furthering discussions and recommending policy related to race, culture, and diversity at Teachers College and in the broader society.

Ansley Erickson (2018-2020)
Srikala Naraian (2018-2020) - Chair
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz (2018-2020)

The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) is structured to be representative of Faculty by rank and is composed of four Full Professors, two Associate Professors, and two Assistant Professors elected for terms of three years by colleagues of the same rank.  The FAC is charged with the responsibility of assisting the President and the Provost in locating, discussing, and adjusting problems of relationships of organizational functioning affecting academic appointees which, for any reason, cannot be satisfactorily disposed of within their regular administrative channels. The Committee also provides a hearing on request of any member of the academic staff. The Committee elects its own chairperson by October 1.

Full Professors: Four Representatives
Hal Abeles (2017-2020)
Judith Burton (2017-2020)
Thomas Hatch (2017-2020) - Chair
Chuck Basch (2019-2022)
Associate Professors: Two Representatives
Kim Noble (2017-2020)
Melanie Brewster (2018-2021)

Assistant Professors: Two Representatives
Ioana Literat (2017-2020)
Haeny Yoon (2018-2021)

The Faculty Salary Committee is structured to be representative of Faculty by rank elected for terms of three years by colleagues of the same rank.  The Faculty Salary Committee is responsible for initiating meetings with the President, the Provost, and other officers of the College to represent the views of the Faculty and to express a direct Faculty voice with respect to salary policy and related matters, and to report the results of its work to the Faculty.  The Committee elects its own chairperson.

Full Professors
Lawrence De Carlo (2018-2021)
Mark Gooden (2019-2022)
Jim Purpura (2019-2022)
Associate Professors
Alex Bowers (2018-2021)
Sandra Schmidt (2019-2022)
Assistant Professors 
Alex Eble (2017-2020)
Christine Baron (2019-2022)

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Executive Committee, Columbia University concerns itself with all matters of policy and procedures affecting the faculty, staff, and students of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, approving proposed changes in the requirements, regulations and procedures of the Graduate School; nominating membership to faculty and officers to committees; and the reviewing of school admission requirements, approving those students deemed eligible, and granting financial aid, teaching and research awards, and degrees as applicable.  Faculty members from Teachers College are elected for a two-year term.

Noah Drezner (2017-2019)

The Standing Committee on Appointment to Tenure is composed of 6 tenured faculty members; 4 elected members serving three-year terms and 2 appointed members serving one-year terms.  In addition, there will be at least 1 tenured professor selected by the Provost to serve on an ad hoc basis from a list of four tenured professors in the College nominated by the candidate as persons who know the candidate's work and whom the candidate considers particularly competent to judge that work.  The committee works with the President, Provost, and Vice Provost in reviewing, discussing, and determining tenured appointments of eligible Faculty.

Caryn Block (2019-2022)
Maria Paula Ghiso (2019-2022)
Andrew Gordon (2019-2022)
Marjorie Siegel (2019-2022
Sonali Rajan - Appointed member (2019-2020)
Judith Scott-Clayton - Appointed Member (2019-2020)

The Standing Committee on Promotion to the Rank of Full Professor is composed of 4 tenured, full faculty members; 3 elected members serving three-year terms and 1 appointed member serving a one-year term.  In addition, there will be at least 1 tenured, full professor selected by the Provost to serve on an ad hoc basis from a list of 4 tenured, full professors in the College nominated by the candidate as persons who know the candidate's work and whom the candidate considers particularly competent to judge that work.  The Committee works with the President, Provost, and Vice Provost in reviewing, discussing, and determining full appointments of eligible faculty.

Barry Farber (2018-2021)
David Hansen (2018-2021)
Anna Neumann (2018-2021)
Michelle Knight-Manuel - Appointed member (2019-2020)

The University Senate, Columbia University meets at Columbia University and is composed of members from all constituencies of the University, including 2 tenured faculty members who serve as representatives from Teachers College elected to serve two-year terms.  The Senate considers matters that are of University-wide concern, affect more than one faculty member or school, or pertain to affiliation agreements with other institutions.  The duties of the Senate include but are not limited to, reviewing the educational policies, physical development, budget, and external relations of the University; as well as overseeing the academic freedom of the Faculty and the welfare of the students.  Elected TC Senators must attend all  meetings of the Senate committee(s) to which he/she is assigned, attend all Senate plenary sessions, and provide timely updates to the College leadership of Senate discussions and decisions, usually through meeting agendas and minutes, whenever matters of a meeting concern Teachers College.

For more information on the composition and duties of the University Senate, please visit the website

Aaron Pallas (2019-2021)
Kimberly Noble (2019-2021)

The Committee for Community and Diversity (CCD) is a College-wide constituency work group including 1) four Faculty representatives elected from the Faculty Executive Committee, Departmental Chairs, untenured and at-large respectively; 2) three Professional Staff representatives from the Professional Staff Association, Management Network and at-large respectively; 3) three Union representatives; 4) five student representatives from the Student Senate; 5) three administration representatives including the President and the Provost; 6) one representative from the Office of Disabilities; and, 7) two at-large representatives appointed by the Chair of the Committee for Community and Diversity as deemed necessary with notice to the Committee.  All members have a one year term.  Each of the above constituents shall develop their own mechanism to select their members for appointment to the Committee for Community and Diversity.  Reappointment shall be determined by the constituent group.  The purpose of the Committee for Community and Diversity shall be generally to advise the President on and promote and engage all constituents in College-wide diversity, community-building and civility projects and concerns.  The Committee shall not act as ombudsperson for individual concerns.  The Committee shall consult widely, inviting and receiving comments and suggestions from all sectors of the College on diversity, community and civility concerns and initiatives.

Detra Price-Dennis,  At-Large Faculty Rep (2019-2020)
Melanie Brewster, Tenured Faculty Rep (2019-2020)

Faculty Members on Appointed Committees

Faculty Appointed Committees AY 2019-2020

The Affirmative Action Committee meets approximately once a month to monitor the Faculty Search process, shape affirmative action policies for the College and organize the Diversity Action Plan.  Committee members are chosen yearly with an effort toward representation across departments.

Stephanie J. Rowley -- Chair
Janice Robinson - Co-Chair
Kevin Dougherty
Christopher Emdin
Olga Hubard
Mary Mendenhall
Haeny Yoon

Professional Staff Members
Ana Melo
VP for Human Resources

These Committees assist the Faculty with respect to its responsibility to set conditions for graduation and the award of degrees.  The Committees supervise certifications, programs of study, projects and dissertations, and examinations for the degrees offered; they also serve to highlight the relationship between TC and Columbia University with respect to jurisdiction over the various degrees awarded.

Stephanie J. Rowley -- Chair
Hal Abeles
Daniel Friedrich
Carolyn Riehl
Carol Benson


Stephanie J. Rowley -- Chair
Ellie Drago-Severson
Barry Farber
Daniel Fienup
Aaron Pallas

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) meets once or twice per month to review all human subject research conducted by faculty, staff, and students, regardless of the location of the research activity, source of funding, and whether the research is exempt under the Code of Federal Regulations for Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46).  The IRB reviews research in accordance with the current Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regulations.  The main purpose of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects who take part in research.

Karen Froud, Chair (Spring 2020)
Lori Quinn (Fall 2019)
Sarah Cohodes
Cindy Huang (Fall 2019)
Mary Mendenhall
Marla Brassard
Lyle Yorks

John Saxman
Sandy Cheiten (outside member)

Paul Kran, ex. Officio

The Faculty Development Advisory Committee is in charge of monitoring the mentoring plan for the College, and planning and implementing group mentoring activities for the Pre-Tenured faculty members. In addition, the Committee advises the Dean about faculty development activities for all faculty of the College.

Amy S. Wells - Chair
Cindy Huang
Richard Jochum
Kimberly Noble
Oren Pizmony-Levy
Detra Price-Dennis

The Campus Safety Advisory Committee empaneled by the President of the College, addresses environmental, health, safety and security issues for Teachers College.  The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the College and offers reports and recommendations to the College’s administration.  The Committee is chaired by the Assistant Vice-President of Public Safety.  The Committee makes recommendations for corrective or preventive actions which are forwarded to appropriate College offices for action.   Committee membership is made up of 1/3 students, 1/3 faculty and 1/3 administrative staff.

Prerna Arora
Doug Greer
Megan Laverty
Jennifer Lena

The Harassment Panel serves as the primary vehicle through which the College addresses concerns related to harassment as described in the Teachers College Policy on Protection from Harassment. The Panel's primary responsibility with regard to harassment is to assist in the informal and formal resolution of concerns or complaints of harassment brought by employees and students of the College. The Panel is comprised of faculty, staff, and one or more students. The Panel meets to discuss cases, review policy and for training.

Katie Embree-- Chair
Carol E. Garber
S. Garnett Russell
Elissa Perry

Professional Staff Members
Jason Phoel
Iraida Torres

This Committee reviews proposals for two grant programs of the Dean's Office including the Dean's Grant for Tenured Faculty Research and the Dean's Competitive Grant for Pre-Tenured and Non-Tenure Track Faculty.  Typically, the committee reviews 3 - 10 proposals and meets one time (per grant) to select awardees.

Maria Paula Ghiso
Doug Greer
Richard Jochum
Lori Quinn
Randi Wolf

This Committee reviews proposals for two student grant programs including the Dean's Grant for Student Research and the Walter Sindlinger Writing Award.  Typically, the committee reviews 5-15 proposals and meets one time (per grant) to select awardees.

Prerna Arora
Caron Benson
Christine Cha
Sarah Cohodes
Jim Corter
Ansley Erickson
Nicole Furlonge
Nathan Holbert
Erica Levy
Celia Oyler

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