Bruce S. Goldberg Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Bruce S. Goldberg Post-doctoral Fellowship



About The Dr. Bruce S. Goldberg Postdoctoral Fellowship


TC alumnus Bruce S. Goldberg Ed.D.’76. M.A. ‘75 (Curriculum & Teaching) was a life-long educator who was employed by the NYC Board of Education. His work focused on teaching emotionally disturbed students and those with learning disabilities.

In 2018, Dr. Goldberg generously bequeathed funds to Teachers College in order to establish the Dr. Bruce S. Goldberg Post-doctoral Fellowship.  Dr. Goldberg intended for the postdoctoral awards to be given to researchers who study or treat trauma  in children and adolescents. 

This year's postdoctoral fellowship opportunities examine this topic from a variety of perspectives, including neurorehabilitation, climate change, media and social change, and literacy.


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If you are a faculty member who is interested in recruiting a Goldberg Postdoctoral Fellow for AY 2021-2022, please click here




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