Values & Vision

Values and Vision

Provost Office Core Values

Provost Rowley working with faculty and students


This means that we must be in close communication; we must respect and value our colleagues; There is so much strength in collaboration, and when we collaborate successfully, we are collectively better. I see so much more collaboration at the senior level, especially with the Provost's leadership team than in the past.

Innovation - Steamnasium


To me, this means that we must always be forward thinking; We must always strive to be the best; We must always aim for being a best practice model; People expect this of TC and we should expect this of ourselves; TC must be on the cutting edge, therefore, we should strive to also be current and on the cutting edge ourselves, with our teams and with our students. That is what I see that innovation is. TC NEXT is an example of innovation. But there are so many other great examples at TC for innovation every day. We have a responsibility to innovate and that is part of our brand, our history and our story.

Vision - Integrity


I consider my own internal integrity to be the single most important attribute of the ability to succeed in the workplace. To build trusting and respectful relationships with my colleagues in the workplace, I strive to have open and honest communication, and demonstrate hard work, responsible behavior, and leading with an evident strong moral compass. Refreshingly, I currently observe high levels of individual integrity from all whom I interact with at TC.

TS students presenting

Equity and Inclusion

Just being as interested in people as I am, I think equity and inclusion come naturally to me. But in the same breath I state that though, I have come to realize, based on extremely important events finally being brought into focus in our country, that it goes so much deeper than my naïve desire to be just be my open, friendly self to anyone I meet, and my genuine interest in them. I now know that I still have much work to do to truly understand myself in the context of the current climate. I most definitely see this reality and need for continued education and work currently being demonstrated at TC, through honest and candid dialogue, new and evolving initiatives being developed and implemented, and a transparency that we ALL have more to learn. This is immensely refreshing and heartening to me, and I look forward to having the opportunity to personally, and professionally, benefit from the positive momentum in continuing to address DEI at TC.

Vision - Transparency


Being your authentic self; Being true to yourself and others; Trusting one another and our colleagues so that we are comfortable being transparent.

Recent TC Graduates

Reflection and Growth

Reflection and growth are essential to my continued journey to better understand how I impact others on a daily basis, both personally and professionally. I do believe that it is difficult for individuals and organizations to make enough time for this important work, both in and out of the workplace. Any initiatives and practices that can be developed and implemented internally that will help to facilitate and encourage these practices, by making this work a valued priority at TC, will be of great benefit to the organization and its individuals.

Provost Rowley and President Bailey

Dedication to Teachers College

This is important; If we expect our students to be vested in their TC experience, we should also be as staff. If we believe in the mission, values, and philosophy, it will help us to do our jobs more effectively and to be that much more dedicated. It will be easier to be if we subscribe to the values of the College. I do think that most people who work at TC are dedicated to the College. People really care about TC and we all see people who give back to the College in so many ways.

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