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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Professional Staff Executive Committee

Our Mission

The Professional Staff Executive Committee (PSEC) consists of 9 professional staff members who are elected by the entire professional body (Professional Staff Assembly, or PSA) to promote its social and general welfare, and to ensure representation of the PSA during the development of policies, programs, and finances at Teachers College. PSEC currently represents more than 400 professional staff employees at the College.

PSEC helps to facilitate communication of the PSA's views regarding College-wide issues, including compensation, benefits, work-life issues, College governance, and to represent the PSA through participation in decision-making processes on various College-wide permanent and ad-hoc committees. Additionally, PSEC supports the development of a diverse and cohesive community by encouraging a sense of equity, respect, and professionalism both at the College as well as within the larger University community through professional and educational workshops.


We, the professional staff of Teachers College (the "College"), Columbia University (the "University") hereby establish the Professional Staff Executive Committee (PSEC) in order:

  • to ensure the rights of all professional staff by functioning as the officially elected Professional Staff Executive Committee, effectively representing the professional staff body in the initiation, development, establishment, and reform of policies, programs, and finances at the College;
  • to promote the social and general welfare by serving as the representative, advocate of, and liaison to the professional staff body to the College, including its administration, faculty, and staff;
  • to set agendas and goals concerning compensation, benefits, quality of life, and College governance affecting professional staff at the College
  • to gather and express professional staff opinion while fostering communication regarding College-wide issues to the professional staff body;
  • to develop a cohesive community by nurturing a sense of equity, respect, and professionalism within the College and within our larger University community and neighborhood;
  • to welcome the collaboration and participation of students, administration, faculty, staff and alumni;
  • to dedicate our initiatives and activities to the College's mission of diversity and equity to embrace and promote the rich diversity, community, and civility of the professional staff body.