What to do if you are a Victim of Sexual Assault

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Public Safety

Public Safety

What to do if you are a victim of a sexual assault

Sexual assault victims are urged to take the following steps:

1. Get Medical Treatment

To get immediate medical treatment, call Public Safety at Ext. 3333 or 911.

It is important that a person who has been recently assaulted receive prompt medical attention to ensure that he/she is medically well. Because physical injury is not always noticeable at first, it is important to receive a medical examination and treatment as soon as possible. This may include screening and/or treatment for sexually transmitted infection and emergency contraception if appropriate.  
Sexual Violence Response and the Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center
Morningside - Columbia University
2920 Broadway, 700 Alfred Lerner Hall, New York, NY 10027
Barnard College
3009 Broadway, 105 Hewitt Hall, New York, NY 10027
Columbia University Medical Center
60 Haven Avenue , 206 Bard Hard, New York, NY 10032
Phone Numbers:
24/7/365 Advocates: (212) 854-HELP (4357)
Morningside: (212) 854-HELP (4357)
CUMU: (212) 305-1721

2. Report the Sexual Assault

The safety and well-being of survivors are of paramount importance. The University strongly encourages survivors to contact trained professionals for emotional support, medical services, and advocacy with reporting and or the criminal justice system.

Contact options include:   

Public Safety

TC Public Safety 212-678-3333

CU Public Safety (Morningside) 212-854-5555        

Barnard 212-854-3362

New York City Police Department

Community Assistant or Area Director of TC Residential Services

TC Director of Student Relations

TC Office of the Associate Vice-Provost

The CU Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center

A medical treatment facility

A trusted friend, adviser, or faculty member

The College urges victims to consider contacting the New York City Police Department to report the assault. Public Safety and/or Residential Services personnel will assist and accompany the victim every step of the way through the process. Although the College strongly encourages pressing criminal charges, it respects the victim’s choice.

3. Seek Counseling

Columbia and the community offer a variety of counseling resources to victims of a sexual assault. For more information on the full range of supportive services, contact the CU Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program at 212-854-2878 

4. File an Internal Complaint within the College

If the individual accused of a violation of the College’s Sexual Assault Policy is a Teachers College or Columbia University student, an internal complaint may be filed. Reports of an alleged sexual assault by a student of Teachers College or Columbia University should be filed with: 

Student Services for Gender-based and Sexual Misconduct

Columbia University

108C Wien Hall



If the individual accused is a faculty member, staff member or administrator of Teachers College the complaint should be filed with:

The Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs

128 Zankel Hall



The full policy and procedure can viewed on line at:



Please refer to the TC  Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report  (page 32) for more information.

Emergency Phone Numbers 

  • Campus phone X3333
    Non campus or from cell phone 212-678-3333

Public Safety Alerts


Non-emergency College Services

  • TC PS Non emergency 3220
  • TC PS Administrative Office 3111
  • TC Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)   8164/6640
  • TC Facilities 3010  
  • TC Residential services 3235  
  • TC Student Development and Activities 3690  
  • TC Risk Management 3482

TC College Services

  • TC General College Information  3000
  • Office of Diversity 8410   
  • CU  PS 212-854-5555    
  • CUMC 212-854-(HELP) 4357 
  • Barnard College  212-854-3362  
  • Counseling and Psychological Services   212-854-2878 
  • CU Medical Center 212-305-8100