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Coaching is the second phase of the Teachers for Teachers initiative, and allows for more sustained and specific peer feedback after the trainings have ended. Teachers in the ITP (Introductory Training Pack) Cohort can apply to be a Teacher Learning Circle Facilitator and if selected will participate in two additional days of trainings. Teachers in the ETP (Extended Training Pack) Cohort can apply to be a Peer coach, and those selected will participate in a three-day training. Peer coaches are trained on how to self organize, problem solve, give constructive feedback to their peers, and constantly apply what has been learned in the training modules to the everyday realities and challenges that come up in the classroom. 

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Teacher Learning Circles (TLCs) are purposeful group sessions that allow teachers to work through challenges together and celebrate successes in their classrooms. TLCs provide a supportive environment for teachers to encourage one another as they try different strategies in their classrooms and set personalized goals related to training. We know change in teaching practice takes time. While applying lessons learned from the training, teachers have the opportunity to get contextualized and specific support from their coaches who have been selected based on their commitment to quality teaching and dedication to improving their profession. Peer coaches are trained to serve as a reliable and motivating source of support for their fellow teachers. Peer Coaches also conduct classroom observations and create a safe space for teachers to reflect on their lessons and set personalized goals to improve their teaching

See below teacher observations we recorded of Mading's primary school class:

Impact Stats on Coaching

Between June 2016 and April 2017:

  • 23 Teachers trained at Teacher Learning Circle Facilitators
  • 6 Teachers trained as Peer Coaches
  • 29 trained as coaches, reaching more than 160 teachers total