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What is transfer credit?

Transfer credit is receiving credit towards your Teachers College degree by transferring in graduate level coursework completed outside of Teachers College.

Who is eligible for transfer credit?

Any student who completed graduate level coursework outside of Teachers College at a regionally accredited institution prior to enrolling at TC, and is enrolled in an Ed.D., Ed.D.C.T., Ph.D., Ed.M., or M.S. program is eligible to transfer credit with a few exceptions*.  MA students are NOT eligible to transfer credit. 

* The only MS programs that allow transfer credit are (1) Math Education, and (2) Teacher Education in Science. 

When should I apply for transfer credit?

Students entering in the Fall or Summer should apply for transfer credit after they have been admitted to Teachers College and before the October 15 deadline.  Students entering in the Spring should apply for transfer credit after they have been admitted to Teachers College and before the February 15 deadline.

How do I apply for transfer credit?

Complete the online Transfer Credit Application

How many credits can I transfer to Teachers College?

Below is the maximum number of credits that can be transferred in each degree.
00 - Master of Arts (M.A.)
30 - Master of Science (M.S.)
30 - Master of Education (Ed.M./M.E.)
30 - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
45 - Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Do credits need to meet certain requirements to transfer?

Yes. Only graduate courses which have been (1) completed with grades of B or higher, (2) submitted on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution, and (3) granted/assigned graduate credit on the transcript of that institution, may be considered for transfer credit.  For educational institutions located outside of the United States or Canada, a course-by-course evaluation from an approved agency is required.  The evaluation must state that the institution is accredited and approved by the home country's department or ministry of education, and that the coursework completed was graduate level work.

What if I received a grade of "P" for Pass? Is that course eligible for transfer credit?

If you received a "P" as a final grade, the course is not eligible for transfer credit unless you provide additional documentation from the registrar stating that the course was only offered on a pass/fail basis. 

If my credits meet the above requirements am I guaranteed that my credits will transfer?

No.  Your faculty advisor will review your eligible credits for course content and applicability to your academic program.  Transfer credit is awarded at the discretion of the Transfer Credit Coordinator and the student's faculty advisor.

I am a current TC student, can I take a course outside of TC and transfer in the credits I earned?

No. Transfer credit it for credit earned prior to enrolling at TC.  It is the schools expectation that once you enroll at TC you will complete your coursework here.

If I previously earned credit at Teachers College do I need to apply for transfer credit?

No, Teachers College courses are not considered transfer credit.  If you would like to apply credits earned before enrolling as a degree seeking student, or earned for one degree or program toward a second degree or program this would be an academic decision made by your advisor.  Please reference the General Residence Requirements in the Academic Catalog for information on credit requirements for competing more than one degree at TC.