Congratulations to the following student awardees


Student Awardee
TC Department
Project Title
Abrar Shamim MST Reporting of Ethical Domains in Global Cleft Surgery Missions
Alissa Pacheco BBS The Use of Fitbit to Promote Autonomy for People with Early Stage Parkinson's Disease
Ashley Beccia A&H The Effects of Task Complexity and Task Motivation on Young EFL Learners’ Development of English Question Formation
Avery Dakin BBS Expiratory Muscle Strength Training for Cough and Swallow Rehabilitation: The Impact of Time-Under-Tension
Elena Peeples ITS The Impacts of History: An Anthrohistorical Approach to Urban Development in Trenton, NJ
Emily Bailey ITS Perceptions and Performance of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the French Workplace
Gus Mayopoulos CCP Online Pseudonymous Text-Based Group Intervention for Depressive and Anxious Symptoms
Karissa Lim HBS Seeking Participants for a Study: A Qualitative Exploration of NIAs’ Barriers and Motivations to Research Participation
Nathan Lowry CCP Looking into the Future: Uncovering Age-Related Differences in Episodic Future Thinking
Renna Bazlen ITS Fostering Community in Displacement: Teachers’ and Parents’ Experiences with Informal Early Childhood Education in Tijuana, Mexico
Saloni Gupta EPSA Can Innovation be Taught in Schools? Experimental Evidence from India
Samantha Juan HBS The Application of Virtual Simulation on Promoting Empathy in Undergraduate Nursing Students
Ying Xu EPSA School Competition, Resource Allocation, and Inequality in Student Outcomes
Zeinab Khodaverdi BBS Acute Effects of Varying Intensities and Durations of Aerobic Exercise on Executive Function in Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: An Event-Related Potential Study