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Community Resources

This is a growing list of resources shared or created by the parents, staff and students of the Rita Gold Center Community. If you have a resource that you would like to suggest, please send it to

Parenting & Child Development Information

  • Zero to Three and NY Zero to Three is an organization devoted to the health and development of infants and toddlers.Click here for parent brochures and guides.
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children is a professional organization devoted to high-quality early childhood education.
  • Former RGC parent and director of the Center for Food, Education and Policy, Pam Koch, shares Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility in Feeding to support your child's healthy eating habits.
  • Founded by former RGC parent, Aliza Pressman, Seedlings Group, provides concise, practical and research-based advice on topics that concern every parent at one time or another.
  • The Center on the Developing Child provides information about young children's brain development and the importance of early experiences. The Science of Early Childhood Development video describes the importance of development in the early years and the impact of positive early experiences on healthy brain architecture.
  • The Thoughtful Parent provides research-based child development information in a simple blog format by Amy Webb, wife and mother with a PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences.
  • Moomah the Magazine is an online magazine bringing beauty, humor and advice to parents who are doing their best to live inspired lives on very little sleep.
  • Janet Lansbury is a parent educator using the RIE philosophy and has many helpful posts have parenting young children.

Play, Art & Music

  • RGC music teachers have recommended these artists' music: Elizabeth Mitchell is a singer-songwriter from the Brooklyn area. She sings in her own Indie band Ida, but started writing and performing children's music with her daughter and husband. The album "Sunny Day" is a favorite. Charlie Hope is a singer and songwriter. Kaleidoscope Songs is a band that does concerts for kids. Their songs deal with a wide range of themes. Putumayo Kids has great music from artist from around the world. 

Research and Publications Related to RGC

  • Inclusion in the Early Childhood Classroom by Susan Recchia addresses issues that contribute to “what makes a difference” in the inclusive early childhood classroom: the role of development, ways of honoring different learning styles, building a sense of classroom community, addressing power dynamics, and responding to conflict with both teachers and peers.
  • In Everyday Artists, Dana Frantz Bentley, former doctoral fellow at RGC, addresses the disconnect that exists between the teaching of art and the way young children actually experience art to help teachers identify and scaffold the genuine artistic practice of young children. Dana is currently a teacher researcher and preschool teacher at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received a Doctorate of Education, Art, and Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.
  • An article about working with young children and art materials called Fighting the Mad King by Marta Cabral

Research, Publications & Articles of Interest

  • 2015 Art Exhibition Book: Art Makes Us Happy: Young Children Explore Materials and Ideas
  • 2014 Art Exhibition Book: Broken Things Can be Beautiful Things
  • Preparing Early Childhood Professional for Relationship-based work with Infants (2015) Susan L Recchia, Seung Yeon Lee and Minsun Shin. Findings from this study revealed the power and value of relationships as an essential context for learning about infant development, infant care and education, and preparation of infant professionals.
  • Primary Caregiving as a framework for Preparing Early Childhood Professionals to Understand and Work with Infants (2015) Seung Yeon Lee, Minsun Shin and Susan L Recchia. The student teachers gained understanding of infancy period and learned to provide individualized and relationship-based infant care and education. The integration of hands-on practice enacting a primary care system in a responsive infant room, ongoing supervision, and a theory-to-practice seminar created an effective professional learning process for the student teachers, which helped them to grow as both infant teachers and early childhood professionals.
  • 10 Superb Psychological Advantages of Learning Another Language. "Learning another language can promote brain growth, stave off dementia, boost memory, improve attention and more..."
  • The effect of media on young children's brain development: TEDxRainier
  • Parent Perspectives on How a Child-Centered Preschool Experience Shapes Children's Navigation of Kindergarten: View Online or Download the PDF below:
Download the PDF

Parent Perspectives on How a Child-Centered Preschool Experience Shapes Children's Navigation of Kindergarten