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Stigma, Identity, and Intersectionality

Stigma, Identity, and Intersectionality

Current Projects

Directors of Clinical Training Perspectives on Social Justice Training

Brandon L. Velez, Ph.D., Michael Kerman,  Christian N. Adames MA, Brianna A. Baker, and the SII Research Team

This study employs consensual qualitative research methods to explore perspectives from Directors of Training (DCTs) in Counseling Psychology related to social justice training and attitudes.

Professional Psychology Doctoral Students’ Social Justice Commitment
Brandon L. Velez, Ph.D., and the SII Research Team

This project uses an online survey to explore factors that predict psychology and counseling graduate students’ commitment to engaging in social justice-oriented activities.

Transgender Clients' Experiences and Well-Being in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Development of the Gender Identity and Expression Microaggressions Scale
Brandon L. Velez, Ph.D., Aaron Samuel Breslow, Ph.D., Jillian R. Scheer, Ph.D., Kiara S. Manosalvas, MA, Christian N. Adames, MA, and the SII Research Team

The goal of this study is to develop a self-report scale of transgender, genderqueer, and nonbinary clients’ perceptions of clinician-perpetrated microaggressions during counseling or psychotherapy.

Womanism Scale Evaluation

Brandon L. Velez, Ph.D.,  Brianna A. Baker, and the SII Research Team

Details Coming Soon.