FAQs about our Services

FAQs about Our Services


Student Support & Advocacy (SSA) is a part of the Division of Student Affairs at Teachers College (TC). We operate as a central point of access to students regarding resources at TC, Columbia University, and external referrals related to student support. We provide support to connect students with appropriate services and referrals.

No. Eligible students should connect with Columbia Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) for their mental health needs. Student Support & Advocacy (SSA) is a part of the Division of Student Affairs at Teachers College.  See our services page for more details.

CPS is the Counseling and Psychological Services located on Columbia University‚Äôs main campus. CPS provides comprehensive services including counseling, individual therapy, psychiatric consultations, psychological evaluations, and support groups to all Columbia students, including to eligible students at Teachers College. As a general service for all Columbia schools, CPS is one of the main resources you can access through Columbia Health. There is a standard fee that you are automatically enrolled in for if you are a full-time student, international, and/or living on-campus.  Additionally, as a part-time student, you can enroll voluntarily during the semester.   

Please schedule a meeting with us for more information or clarification on these services.

We provide students with information about resources at Teachers College (TC) and at Columbia University (CU). When necessary and appropriate, we may also share information about other external resources and referrals. Please see our Service Page to learn more.

Appointments with us are not therapy. Instead, we listen to students' needs and we are proactive in helping students identify and connect with the appropriate services and resources available to them. These resources might include a referral to a counseling center, for example. 

No. Our team does not offer mental health counseling sessions. We are available to help connect you with referrals and resources.

All currently matriculated Teachers College (TC) students are eligible and encouraged to contact us. 

All services offered by the our team are free of charge.

Our team is a non-confidential resource at Teachers College (TC). We will, however, respect students' privacy as much as we are able to. Still, information disclosed during meetings with us may be shared with other offices or departments involved in the referral process. For example, the Office of Residential Services may obtain information relating to roommate conflicts.  

Please visit our Resources page for additional resources available through TC and Columbia University.

We are located on the first floor of Building 528, Suite 163. Please fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment with a member of the team. 

Student Support & Advocacy (SSA) follows the Teachers College (TC) schedule. We are operating at a hybrid schedule, with some services offered in person, while others, remotely.  To schedule an appointment please fill out the contact form. Our team will respond as soon as possible to confirm your appointment. 

Please note: If you're experiencing suicidal thoughts or are going through an emergency, please dial 911 or visit the nearest hospital. For more information on emergencies, check our Emergencies section.

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