Student Support at TC


As a TC student, you are about to initiate a special time in your life. This initiation and change marks a great opportunity, which may make us excited, happy, and proud to obtain a graduate degree. However, with great change comes difficulty and adjustments. The pressures of academics, family, finances, and more can lead to difficulty coping with stress and everyday life. Some of these pressures may have accompanied you prior to your arrival at TC.   With this in mind, we will focus on supporting your pursuit of continued growth and balance through your graduate school journey.  

As a Teachers College student, you have acccess to multiple resources.  We invite you to navigate our portal to discover what resources are within your reach. Should you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions section first, as many doubts and inquiries are already addressed there for you. You can also contact our team at with any additional questions.

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