Welcome to Student Health & Wellness


To support the holistic wellness of the graduate student community using a biopsychosocial spiritual model. We will support them in their time here and beyond. We will do this using culturally sensitive and inclusive practices grounded in an anti-racism framework.



We seek to be a model department for graduate student health and wellbeing. Students will seek our services whether their goal is to improve their health, stay fit, find support or feel better, we will be here to help and empower them.


Core Values

  • Self-Care: Consistent with the APA, we view self-care practices for graduate students as an
    ethical imperative
  • Accessible Information: Ensuring all health information is accessible across abilities, racial,
    ethnic, gender, sexual, and religious orientations
  • Evidence Informed: We strive to use evidence informed practice to guide our work with
    students, faculty, and staff
  • Student Advocates: Advocating for programs and policies specific to diverse students’ health needs.
  • Student Responsibility: Empowering the students to be proactive agents in their health and wellbeing


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