Types of Appointments


Wellness Consult

These are 60-minute non-confidential appointments that are appropriate for students who wish to speak to a member of the Student Support Services team regarding the availability of a concrete wellness resource such as; locating a parenting support group, mediation center, nutritionist, or counseling center.  If a student is interested in identifying the location of a wellness resource on or off-campus for themselves or others they can meet with a staff member for a consult.  During this appointment, the staff member may be able to provide students with answers to pressing wellness concerns that do not require detailed assessment or biopsychosocial-spiritual histories.

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Wellness Intake

This is a 75-minute confidential session that is appropriate for students who express an interest in working with a counselor on a short-term (1-6 sessions) basis.  During this time the counselor will obtain biopsychosocial-spiritual histories on the student to assess their short-term wellness needs.  The counselor will work with the student to develop an action plan that could include a referral to other on-campus resources.  If the student has needs mental health counseling and the student has Columbia Insurance they will be connected to a member of the Columbia Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) team.  If the student needs mental health counseling and they do not have Columbia Health insurance, the counselor can assist them in conjunction with the Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) in connecting with an external provider.  The office of Student Support Services will provide interim support while working to connect the student to a resource that can provide long-term services. 

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Wellness Sessions

These are 45-minute confidential psychoeducational sessions, that may be scheduled after a wellness intake, designed to assist students in developing concrete skills to assist with acute wellness concerns that do not require long-term treatment.  Up to six wellness sessions may be scheduled. During these sessions, students can learn short-term stress reduction techniques, mindfulness practices, techniques to improve focusing and concentration, identify short-term health and wellness goals and establish wellness self-management plans.  Additionally, the office of Student Support Services can assist students in developing the skills to advocate for their wellness at Teachers College and outside of Teachers College. 

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Notice of Privacy

Students receiving wellness consultations with the office of Student Support and Counseling understand that consultations are for the purpose of obtaining information on concrete wellness resources and are not confidential appointments.  The office may share information regarding the student with the student affairs leadership team for the purpose of assisting in connecting the student to an indicated resource.  A student requesting a wellness consult should keep in mind that this request does not indicate an interest or need for ongoing mental health services nor does the wellness consult serve to assess the student’s need for ongoing services.  Should a student want to be assessed for ongoing services the student must schedule a wellness intake. 

All information shared during either a wellness intake or wellness session is kept confidential and is only accessible by members of the Student Support Services team.  Information regarding students that have been seen for wellness intake and/or wellness sessions may only be shared outside the office of Student Support and Counseling with the written permission of the student. 

However, if during any wellness consult, wellness intake, or wellness session, the student indicates behaviors that are a danger to themselves or to others or expresses that a minor is in danger, safety protocols will be followed consistent with NYS mental health standards, which require that such situations must be reported to authorities.

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