Oren Pizmony-Levy

"My collaboration with the Department of Education Office of Sustainability is looking at ways we can empower schools to engage with sustainability and environmental education in a holistic way", said Oren Pizmony-Levy, Associate Professor of International and Comparative Education, during an interview with Columbia University’s Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity

"It’s not only about teaching the content of sustainability sciences or talking about the values of what it means to protect the planet but also to model this kind of behavior and encourage students to take action in their private sphere at home and in the public sphere as citizens", Oren said. He explained, "the goal is that what kids are doing in schools will trickle out to their families and communities". 

Pizmony-Levy notes "people need to understand that there needs to be someone that is explicitly looking at issues of sustainability in education" and hopes it can "be infused in every aspect of the school so that students can see the connections from different subjects." He recommends if you want to get involved ty to join a local NGO to do what you can in your community.

 Read more in the interview here.  


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