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About Youth at the Center

The Center for Sustainable Futures, with support from the Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship,  developed the Youth at the Center program. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure all youth, regardless of background, have the opportunity to engage with the most pressing issue of our time: climate change. To realize this purpose, the Center partners with New York City youth climate activists to empower, support, and amplify their activities.

Conversations About Climate Project

We are creating a virtual map multimedia that captures what nyc high school students feel and think about climate change. this will allow students to learn about climate change and action throughout nyc, and serve as a bridge from you in high school today to future students learning about climate change long after you have graduated. all submissions are completely anonymous. we hope that future yatc work will use this collection to formulate climate action on a local and state level. we want you to be part of this movement!  

Conversations on Climate Submission Form

We want you to describe your relationship to or understanding of climate change.

The format is completely up to you. It can be (but is not limited to): your written work, PowerPoint presentation, essays, written letters, articles, poems, photos of your own artwork, voice recordings, videos, etc.

Your story will be anonymously published to our virtual map in your school’s borough within 7 days of submission.

If you have any questions please contact program coordinators Christina Torres ( and Lyndsay Gehring (

Conversations on Climate Submission Form

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