International Workshop on Environment, Sustainability, & Education

International Workshop on Environment, Sustainability, & Education

This virtual workshop provides a venue for scholars and graduate students worldwide to share their research, to discuss work in progress, and to network with other like-minded individuals interested in the intersection of environment, sustainability, and education. Every session feature one short presentation (15-18 minutes) followed by small group discussion and Q&A. The workshop meets once a month throughout the year.

Workshop Schedule 2020-2021

Oren Pizmony-Levy, Carine Verschueren, and Erika Kessler “Coronavirus Outbreak and Climate Change: Findings from a Public Opinion Survey in the US”. 

Cropped Smaller CC and Corona PO workshop

View PresentationCoronavirus Outbreak and Climate Change Workshop

Dr. Dafna Gan “Environmental Education during Covid-19”

Watch the recording hereEnvironmental Education during Covid-19

Dr. Elsa Lee and Sarah Stepney "Making meaning in an animated school "

This presentation will discuss the work of a Cambridgeshire primary school through the lens of Kath Weston’s posthumanist take on animacy.  The school that we are writing from has engaged with two external partners to develop adventurous, creative and child-led approaches to learning, both inside its classrooms and outside in the school’s playgrounds.  This approach to exploring the curriculum has engendered a different way of being in the school for both the children and the adults it comprises. Using the heuristic of an animated school, we will reflect on how posthumanist conceptualizations of materiality, relationality and temporality are entangled in this space, and what this means for how the children and adults in the school engage in processes of meaning making and learning that matters.  

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Speaker: Dr. Orla Kelly

Title: Educational Attainment and the Carbon Intensity of Wellbeing: A Regional Analysis

Abstract: Education is widely regarded as an important social mechanism for enhancing human wellbeing. So much so, that the goal of raising nations’ rates of per capita educational attainment has been part of global development policy since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR 1948, Article 26). Policymakers have included it in many subsequent international treaties and frameworks, including the current Sustainable Development Agenda (SDG 4). However, much remains unknown about the macro-level relationship between educational attainment and global sustainability. In this research, I empirically assess the relationship between per capita rates of educational attainment and the carbon intensity of wellbeing (CIWB), across six world regions, using data for the period 1960-2010. CIWB is a ratio of CO2 per capita/life expectancy. It is a widely used metric for socio-ecological sustainability within environmental sociology and other disciplines. I also consider how regionally specific historical, cultural, and geopolitical contexts across these regions may have influenced the relationship between education and sustainability.    

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About the Workshop

Oren Pizmony-Levy (

Dafna Gan (

Building of the success of two-year partnership between Teachers College (TC) and Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts in Israel (KC), we are launching the International Workshop on Environment, Sustainability, and Education. The Workshop will meet virtually once a month between July 2020 and July 2021 (see schedule below)…with little ecological footprint! Workshop materials including presentations, handouts, recording, etc. will be archived on this website for continuous use.

 Over the past two years, Teachers College and Kibbutzim College have collaborated to enhance their curriculum around the intersection of environment, sustainability, and education. In addition to continuous meetings between professors/instructors, the collaboration also included several meetings between students at both institutions. In these meetings, TC students shared their case studies exploring the ways in which public schools in New York City engage with sustainability, and their counterparts at KC presented their action research projects on environmental education in schools and the broader Israeli communities. One of the immediate takeaways from these virtual interactions was how they offered students a unique perspective on the role of global and local context in promoting environmental and sustainability education.

While developing the Workshop, we recognize the many groups and organizations who already meets on a regular basis in national, regional, and international conferences. Take for example the scholarly associations with a mission to engage this work, such as the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA). Or, the dedicated Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and networks at larger education associations American Educational Research Association (AERA), Comparative and International Education Society (CIES US), and the European Education Research Association (EERA). We envision the Workshop as a space that brings together and bridges individuals who attend national, regional, and international conferences. The Workshop is intended to facilitate an ongoing discussion between annual conferences and connect scholars that might not yet know each other yet but share common interest and scholarship. The Workshop will be crafted in interactive ways so that there is maximum opportunity to network with other likeminded people.

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