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Media Library Overview

Terminal Four has a media library which can be used to store images and other kinds of documents such as PDF files or Microsoft Office files. This guide will primarily use image to show how to upload and display a file.  The media library can be accessed in two ways, via the Content tab to the top right of T4.



or by using the Media Library Icon icon while editing content.


Uploading Media to the Media Library

When you enter the media library, its folder structure is on the left and can be browsed using the + icons next to the folders.



Within one of the above categories, you will find a folder set up specifically for your site. Note: the above sections may have further categories that you will need to expand in order to find your folder.

The contents of each folder appears on the right. If you are in a folder, with permission to edit, you’ll see the Add Media button.


When you click on Add Media, the following screen will appear. You will only need to be fill out Name, Description, and select a file on Media


  • Name: is the displayed name of the file. For non-image files, this name is also the link text.

  • Description: is used to provide a description for anyone who cannot see the file, primarily used for images.

  • Media:  allows you to browse to the file you wish to download.

Once you are done, click Add and you will be retured to the media list.


To edit or delete a file on the Media Library, hover over a file, and click on Advanced.  You will see a new screen with several options:

To modify the file, click on Modify. Once you are done updating, click on Update on the top right.  To delete the file, click on Delete.

Inserting Media to Content


Go to the Site Structure (t4 homepage) and click Modify Content for the section you want to change (or Add Content if it has no content).


Within the content (or Copy field), use the Media Library Icon icon to access the Media Library.


A window will pop up – browse to the correct folder, mouseover the image you want and click Select.

You’ll be returned to the content area with your image embedded. Note: For non-image files, a link to the file will be embedded.

To resize an image, you can drag the corners of the image. You can also double click on the image and type in the width or height. On the float field, write in “left” or “right” if you would like to wrap text around the image.


Image Size should be approximately 400px wide. It shouldn’t be larger than what is intended to be displayed on the screen. It is also recommended to keep image size 1mb or less.


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