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A Vision for TCEdTech

The EdTech market is estimated to reach $10 billion in 2016. It is increasingly imperative to assure that we are not simply giving students or schools devices and software but providing proper support for instruction and learning that lends to long term success. 

A focus on effectiveness requires the incorporation of research in design, sophisticated trialing and formative assessment, advanced learning analytics, school and college networks to try products and exchange information, and rigorous long-term evaluation that incorporates cost-benefit analysis. Experts at Teachers College, Columbia University provide guidance, support and resources across these areas, serving developers, investors and users in New York City and beyond.

About TCEdTech

TCEdTech facilitates the development of effective, high-quality educational technology products and ensures that those brought to market serve our students, teachers, and institutions most effectively. By connecting our expertise and resources with developers, investors, schools, colleges, and policymakers, TCEdTech can support the EdTech sector in various ways.


TC Ed Tech Consulting
Providing Consulting and Advice at the Design Stage

Teachers College experts in technology design, cognition, the learning sciences, learning analytics, educational games, software evaluation, teaching with technology, media literacy, digital teaching and learning, research on instructional improvement, cost-benefit analysis, and policy provide expert guidance on the development of products. Drawing on evidence about how students learn, what works in classroom contexts and how to best enhance effectiveness, these experts provide valuable insight to startups and investors.

TC Ed Tech Trials
Facilitating Trials with Partner Institutions

TC has extensive partnerships with public schools, community colleges, and other organizations that can serve as sites for real-world validation studies.

Situated in New York City, we are fortunate to have access to one of the most diversified public school settings. And as the nation’s oldest and largest school of education, TC has established relationships with schools, districts, and colleges across the country in varied contexts. We work to facilitate product trials, ensuring that what comes to market has been demonstrated to help those it seeks to support.

TC Ed Tech Network
Supporting Developers in the Procurement Process

Developers and investors frequently express frustrations with the complexities of getting products – even those that have demonstrated their value – into the hands of students and teachers. Similarly, users seek advice about what products are likely to be most successful, given their goals and settings.

Through its partnerships with decision makers at schools and colleges, TC can help break through existing barriers in the procurement process to help products achieve scale.

TC Ed Tech Stakeholders 
Convening Stakeholders and Facilitating Networking

TC’s EdLab (a research, design, and development unit at the College) has a long history of bringing developers, investors, academic researchers and users together to engage in conceptual development, demonstration projects, and new educational research to explore and document diverse possibilities for the future of education.



TC EdTech Assessment Tab
Supporting Formative Assessment: Understanding Product Efficacy in Practice

TC faculty and students conduct studies designed to assess the implementation and efficacy of technology while users are engaged. By assessing “in the moment” we can ensure that proper use and sufficient support is in place for both teachers and students.

Conducting Summative Assessment: Ensuring Efficacy in the Long Run

Studies are also necessary to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of technologies once they are in use at scale. Understanding past practices and student outcomes over time can inform best practices for future implementation.


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