Backup and Secure your Files

Backup and Secure your Files

  • ”Local” Backup—Backs up all the files, programs and settings on your computer.
  • Cloud Backup—Storing copies of important files and folders in the Cloud (Google Drive, Google Team Drive, Dropbox)
  • If you have Windows 10 (if you don’t have Windows 10, the Service Desk can upgrade your computer). 

    ”File History” is already installed on your computer! This allows you to use an external hard drive to automatically backup the files you choose.

  • Time machine allows you to automatically back up your entire hard drive.
  • ** Make sure your external hard drive is high-capacity!
  • Time machine allows you to encrypt the backup drive (you MUST do this to keep your data secure!)

  • It is important to have data backed up in more than one place.
  • Team Drive (shared drive) allows data to stay with the team after individuals leave a project, leave the department, or leave the college.
  • Every member of Team Drive can be given different access (full, edit, view only).
  • Team drive is already part of your Google account!


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