Duo (MFA)

Using Duo at TC (Faculty & Staff)

To better secure the Teachers College community, myTC Portal logins for all current faculty and staff require Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  TC web-based services–including Gmail, Google Drive, Canvas, and Qualtrics- all require login via the myTC Portal before they can be accessed.


Step-by-step instructions for how to use Duo in the myTC Portal, and well as how to add a mobile device, can be found in below:

When you click any link in the myTC portal that contains financial information, you will now be prompted to verify your identity by receiving a call on your work phone or a call, text message or push notification on another device of your choosing (such as your mobile phone).

How to use DUO in the myTC Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires something you know (your password) and something you have (like a smartphone or tablet app, or landline phone) as an added layer of security to prevent anyone else from accessing your account. Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective methods to prevent phishing, helping to protect you and the TC community. Duo is the multi-factor authentication solution at TC.

All faculty and staff are required to use Duo to access the myTC Portal. 

Duo allows you to remember a device for 24 hours. You can approve any computer that you commonly use and will not be required to provide multi-factor authentication confirmation for 24 hours. For example, if you have a desktop and a laptop, you can approve both computers as trusted devices and not have to confirm your identity with a phone for 24 hours.

You may add Duo on more than one phone in case you forget a phone at home or are not at your office phone. When you are doing your initial setup, you may add as many phones as you like (landline and/or mobile). After that, when you are logging in you can choose which line Duo will send the authentication request to (via smart phone app, SMS text message, or phone call depending on what you chose).

If you get a new phone, even if the Duo app is restored from a cloud backup, it will lose its association with your account. If the phone number of your new phone is the same, you can still authenticate using the phone call or sms (text) option, but the push option will not work until reactivated.

You can re-activate your new phone with the "Manage Devices" option. First, ensure that you still have access to any of the phone numbers enrolled in Duo. Set the authentication option to Phone Call and then select Manage devices. The phone you chose should ring, and you will need to answer, and hit any key to authenticate.

From here, you can select the phone number of your new phone (assuming it’s the same phone number) and under Actions, select Activate Duo Mobile. This will prompt you to scan in a new QR code from the Duo app.

If you have difficulties with this process, you can contact the Service Desk for assistance at 212.678.3300 or servicedesk@tc.columbia.edu.

The Duo smart phone app is designed to work internationally. If you have a signal and data plan, the Duo app makes two-factor authentication as easy as a pushing a single button. 

If you are unable to use your phone internationally, please contact the TCIT Service Desk, before traveling if possible, for assistance. 

Please contact the Service Desk for assistance at 212.678.3300 or servicedesk@tc.columbia.edu. They will verify your identity and provide a temporary passcode. TCIT recommends adding your TC desk phone as a backup in case you ever forget or lose your mobile device. 

Please contact the Service Desk immediately and we will help you disable your phone with Duo to prevent malicious activity.

If you don’t have a cell phone, Duo allows you to use your landline phone. You would receive an automated phone call that requires you to hit any button to confirm your identity.

If you can't use a landline phone, you can also use passcodes generated by a hardware token. Please email the TCIT Service Desk at servicedesk@tc.columbia.edu for more information on hardware tokens.

The Duo smartphone app provides options that work without a data plan or a texting plan--as long as your phone can connect to WiFi, the Duo mobile app will function. If you do not have a mobile phone, or your phone is not compatible with the Duo mobile app, please contact the TCIT Service Desk for assistance. 

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