LastPass - Password Safety

LastPass Password Manager

A password safety manager that securely stores your passwords.

Step 1: You should receive an email in your TC Gmail from LastPass. The email should look like this: 

Lastpass email to TC Gmail

** NOTE: Please check your Spam folder if you do not see this email in your inbox. If you have lost or deleted this email, please contact the Service Desk to resend the email.


Step 2: In the email, you should see “To get started, click here to reset your password.”  Click the link to begin the registration process.


Step 3: After clicking the link, you should see this page: 

Create a Lastpass account


From this “Create An Account” page, in the New Master Password box, enter a unique password (this should be a password that you do not use for any other account).

**All set! Your LastPass account is now created!

Step 1: To download Lastpass, visit and scroll to the bottom of the screen, locate and click “Download.”

Download button


Step 2: Once you’re on the Downloads page, download the LastPass Universal Windows Installer. It looks like this:

Lastpass Universal Windows Installer

*If you’re a Mac user, click “Mac” under “More ways to get LastPass,” then download the LastPass Universal Mac Installer:

Lastpass Universal Mac Installer

Step 5: Make sure all of your browser tabs are closed during the install. Once install is complete, open your web browsers to confirm that LastPass has been successfully installed. 

  • You should see this icon in the upper-right corner for Firefox and Chrome:
    • Firefox and Chrome extension icon
  • For Internet Explorer, the icon is a bit further down on the right side: 
    • IE extension icon
  • For Safari:
    • Safari extension icon

The easiest and best way to add new sites to LastPass is to go to the site you wish to add and enter your credentials as you normally would. Click login to sign in.


Step 1: In the top right of your browser, next to the LastPass icon, LastPass will prompt you to add this site. You can choose “Add” or click “Edit” for more options.

In the “Edit” menu, you’re given some extra options. You can specify:


Step 2: Click “Add” and LastPass will automatically enter the site data into your LastPass Vault. With your encrypted data stored, LastPass will automatically fill in this information the next time you visit the site and login.

** If you wish to make any changes to the site(s) you’ve added at a later time, you can access them from your LastPass browser extension or your vault on the web or desktop and mobile apps.

Step 3: Test it out! Log out of the site you just added to your LastPass vault. Now, return to the main login page for the site you just added. You should now see your username and password for the site already entered. Simply log in to the site and you’re all set. LastPass will now remember this password for you!

Nice work! You’ve added your first site to your LastPass vault!



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