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Printing at TC

On the first day of each semester, $16 is added to each student’s Teachers College GoPrint Semester Allowance Purse. This allows students to print out 320 pages per semester.

GoPrint provides TC students with free and paid printing options. GoPrint allows students to redirect print jobs and check their balances. GoPrint requires a UNI login to authenticate the print job, thus preventing theft of your printing funds. Printing funds are allocated into the following Purses:

  • Per Semester Allowance Purse
  • Pay 5 Cents Per Page Purse
  • Current Semester 1600 Page Allowance Purse ($35.00)
  • Current Semester 800 Page Allowance Purse ($17.50)

Unused money in any Allowance printing purse is NOT rolled over to the following semester. Only funds in the Pay 5 Cents Per Page Purse are retained after each semester ends.


Access TC GoPrint  

For an additional fee, a student can purchase extended printing purses or add to their existing Pay 5 Cents Per Page Purse. All additional printing credits are purchased through GoPrint. Please note that GoPrint can only be accessed on the TC Portal while on the TC Network.



Actual Cost

Printing Credit

Number of Pages

Per Semester 1600 Page Allowance




Per Semester 800 Page Allowance




Pay 5 Cents Per Page

$ 0.05

$ 0.05



Funds added to the Pay 5 Cents Per Page purse are reflected immediately.‌

Please email your extended printing receipt to

It may take 1-2 business days for your Extended Printing funds to be updated. 


Purchase Extended Printing on GoPrint   

Students have additional free pages available through Columbia University’s PawPrint and this service can be accessed at the Gottesman Libraries at TC or at designated areas on the Columbia University campus. 


Purchase Extended Printing for PawPrint  

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