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Event Support with Media Services

Media Services provides technical Event Support for the College’s three major lecture halls and public spaces.

All TC and non-TC organizations requiring the use of the audiovisual installations in the College's major lecture halls (Cowin Center, Milbank Chapel, and the Grace Dodge Room) must contract a Media Tech for A-V support.


** Note that there is a minimum hire requirement of 4 hours. If the event requires multiple microphones then a sound engineer will also be assigned, with a 4-hour minimum. The A-V installations in these halls need experienced technicians to operate them. These facilities will not be available to the users unless prior arrangements have been made with Media Services.


Submit a Media Services Request  

All special technical requests (i.e. additional microphone setups, multiple projection systems set-ups, Polycom video conferencing /webcasting, video/audio recordings, etc.) for TC's major lecture halls, classrooms, or public spaces will involve additional technical charges plus the standard hourly cost of hiring our technical staff.

All TC organizations arranging for Event Support will need the approval of either an Academic Director, Program Coordinator or Supervisor so Media Services can process the budget transfer. For non-TC groups, all fees and tech charges will be invoiced.


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