International Access

International Access at Teachers College

This information is for students, faculty, and staff who might be trying to use TC technology (Canvas, Google Docs, etc.) when outside the United States.

Teachers College expects all prospective students and scholars applying on-site and online to become familiar with the requirements for accessing and using College technologies. Students and scholars outside the United States should be cognizant of the difficulty accessing United States technology from other countries. For example, systems like Google and YouTube may be blocked by a country’s government. Likewise, access to and use of certain software may be blocked because of the United States’ restrictions on the use of specific technology in some countries.


The United States’ restrictions make it illegal to access or use certain technologies from within some countries without the appropriate authorization from the U.S. government. The College’s Service Desk will not be able to provide access to users in countries where such restrictions apply.


As we continue to review technology use for international users, we will make every effort to track any issues that international students and scholars bring to the attention of the Service Desk.

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