Banner is the Student Information and Enterprise Resource Planning system used at Teachers College. Banner is TC's system of record for student, faculty, course, financial aid, personnel and financial data.

Teachers College has been transitioning from Banner Version 8 to Banner Version 9. This new release delivers a number of important enhancements, including a modern user interface, enhanced navigation and process management tools, and new functionality across the student, HR and finance modules.

With any system upgrade, we know that users often grow concerned about what will change, and we have been working closely with the vendor, Ellucian, to understand and anticipate those changes. To date, most of the feedback that other institutions have provided indicates that getting used to the new interface and navigation takes minimal effort (like an update to the interface for Gmail).

Staff who have access to Banner can currently access the same database/backend from either front end – Banner 8 or Banner 9. However, Ellucian has announced that new updates will no longer be made available for Version 8 after December 31, 2018. TC aims to transition all staff to Banner 9 by the end of Spring Term 2019.



Banner 8 (must be accessed from IE or Firefox version 51 or lower)

Banner 9 (preferred browser is Chrome, but can also be accessed from IE, Firefox, Edge, or Safari)


Information and Training

FAQs About Banner 9

Video - Welcome to Banner 9 (~3 minutes)

Banner 9 Overview Training (~15 minutes)

Banner 9 Guided Training (~35 minutes)

Complete Banner Training Library (You will need a free Ellucian HUB account to access the full library of courses. To register for a HUB account, please go to and enter your TC email address at the prompt.)

Navigating Banner 9

Keyboard Shortcuts

Understanding Banner Form Names


What’s New in Banner 9 (Ellucian Documentation)


Banner 9 FAQ for Human Resources

Banner 9 FAQ for Finance

Banner 9 FAQ for Student and Financial Aid

Human Resources Focus – What’s New in Banner 9

Finance Focus – What’s New in Banner 9

Student and Financial Aid Focus – What’s New in Banner 9


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