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Teaching Residents at Teachers College (TR@TC) is an 18-month long federally funded and cohort-based teacher residency program that prepares and duly certifies math, science, special education, and ESL/ENL secondary teachers (grades 7-12). The residency component supports cohorts of students (aka Residents) who participate in yearlong clinical experiences (aka Residency) with Mentor Teachers and Residency Supervisors in local high-needs public schools. After graduation, Residents teach for a minimum of three years in similar local high-needs public schools; during this time, they also receive induction support from TR@TC and their Induction Mentors. TR@TC has prepared cohorts of about 15 Residents per year. Nearly 150 Residents have graduated from TR@TC, and there are 16 current Residents. Some of TR@TC’s graduates have come full circle, serving as Mentor Teachers and Residency Supervisors for current Residents.


TR@TC has been funded by two Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grants from the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE). The USDOE created these grants to foster partnerships between schools, districts, and universities to support high-quality teacher preparation (USDOE, 2014). To receive grant funding, TR@TC pledged to develop graduate programs leading to initial teacher certification in a shortage area (i.e., SWD, Math, Science, and ESOL) as well as a Master’s of Arts degree.

Formerly, TR@TC was a 14-month program certifying special education and ESOL teachers. Now, TR@TC prepares and duly certifies math, science, special education, and ESL/ENL teachers through its 18-month program.

Hear About TR@TC from Alumni and its Founder

Learn more about TR@TC's residency-style teacher prep program and some highlights, including but not limited to the following:

  • 18-month cohort-focused program
  • Intense clinical practice (residency) for an academic year with a mentor teacher and residency supervisor
  • Strong partnership with school communities
  • Ongoing mentoring and individualized support for professional growth
  • Integration of coursework and residency experience
  • Master’s Degree from Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Dual certification


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